Studio update from Moneen

Posted by xre on 02/12/05

Moneen is entering the studio at the moment, they are just waiting for it to be built. The band has issued a long update on the process:

So much excitment, my goodness...

We're in baltimore right now, at the all-new salad days studio, and the album is officially being born. We arrived here about a week ago, and spent the first few days recording the songs live-off-the-floor, and discussing any possible last minute changes, because this is it... there's no turning back now.

Everyone here is very, very stoked about the new songs. There is a nice balance of quiet songs, loud jams, dark ones and poppy ones. Altogether there are 15 new songs that we love dearly, but the album will likely end up having 12 songs on it, or so...

The studio is amazing!! It's massive; hardwood floors, tall ceilings and two stories. We're living directly above the studio, so we can basically roll out of bed and fall into the control room. I suggested that they install a firepole, but in retrospect that's probably a bad idea.

However, the studio is not quite finished yet. It's much like the video game, the sims, where walls are being built, appliances are appearing; we got a microwave and a coffee maker the other day. They installed a toilet and a sink, but there is still no shower, so we all smell really bad, but hippy doesn't seem to mind.

Formal friday passed. This is where we all dress up for no reason what-so-ever. It was kenny's idea, so no one bothered to ask why. Our producer, brian, must think we're the weirdest, freaky canadians he's ever met, and It's probably true.

We started watching season 3 of "24" on DVD. Unfortunately the disc is skipping, so jack bauer never gets to complete a sentence, but I'm sure he'd say something intense and crazy. Kennys already seen this season, so we agreed that he'll just describe each episode to us, in real time.

So peter has been busy laying down the drum tracks. The drums are sounding HUGE; big and roomy. We couldn't believe it when we listened back to them, and generally the drum sound sets the bar for how the rest of the album will sound. So things are lookin' good...

Right now, kenny, peter and hippy are busy slaughtering each other in an intergalactic warfare video game, yelling and screaming at each other while mashing the buttons...

Yup, intense times here in baltimore. I'll keep you posted...


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