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Posted by PP on 25/02/13

If you're at all like me, you probably spend way more time writing texts and Facebook messages than actually calling people these days. You've probably also subscribed to a package from your mobile phone operator with X hours of 'talk time' a month, but rarely use all of it, so tehnically you're paying for minutes you're never using. That changes with Telmore's new policy called 'overfør tid' (transfer time).

All your unused minutes are automatically transferred to your next month's total, so in practice, if you're subscribing to six hours of talk time per month, but only use two hours that month, then you'll have 10 hours of talk time the month after. Pretty cool, huh?

If that all sounds complicated, you can check out a visual demonstration by René and Magnus below, where they show you how it works in practice by using a couple of balloons:

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