Statement from remaining Trusted Few members

Posted by TL on 04/02/13

After parting ways with long time guitarist/clean singer Andreas Juliussen, the remaining members of Trusted Few have issued the following statement about their plans for the band:

"It saddens our hearts to inform you that long time friend, family member and guitarist Andreas has chosen to leave the band. It’s never going to be the same without him and he will never be forgotten, we support him in his choice and we have nothing but respect for him putting his school and personal life first. We know its been one of the hardest choices he ever had to make, as well as it has been the hardest thing the band ever had to go through. We are still friends and he will always be part of the Trusted Few legacy. We have nothing but the best of wishes for him and his future and we love him dearly.

We as a band have decided to continue with full force and high expectations, we do not look upon this as a bad thing, but as a fresh start, a new area and an opening for exciting new opportunities. So therefor we are clearly going to look for a new guitarist and full time band member. We hope to find a guy with as much passion and energy as the band itself is going to put into this. We are going to make a separate announcement regarding the casting for a new band member.

Thank you for all the amazing years and memories, we love you.

Adam, Johan, Philip and Christian."

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