Hellfest confirms a huge amount of new bands

Posted by AP on 31/01/13

Hellfest, which will take place between the 22nd & 23rd of June in Clisson, France, has released the final large batch of bands, making their line-up almost complete with the following additions:

7 Weeks (fr)

A Day To Remember (us)

Agnostic Front (us)

The Arrs (fr)

Asking Alexandria (uk)

Attentat Rock (fr)

Audrey Horne (no)

Bane (ca)

Berri Txarrak (es)

Black Breath (us)

Black Cobra (us)

Black Pyramid (us)

Bury Your Dead (us)

Buzzcocks (uk)

The Casualties (us)

Cockney Rejects (uk)

Cult Of Luna (se)

Danzig (us)

The Decline (fr)

Deez Nuts (au)

Dr. Living Dead (se)

Eryn Non Dae (fr)

Finntroll (fi)

Gallows (uk)

Ghost (se)

Graveyard (se)

The Great Old Ones (fr)

Heathen (us)


Hypocrisy (se)

Justine (fr)

Kissin' Dynamite (de)

Koldbrann (no)

Krokus (ch)

Le Bal Des Enrages (fr)

Manilla Road (us)

Misanthrope (fr)

Misery Index (us)

Monstrosity (us)

Moonspell (po)

The Old Dead Tree (fr)

Pallbearer (us)

Pig Destroyer (us)

Procession (cl)

Retox (us)

Riverside (pl)

The Secret (it)

Seth (fr)

Six Feet Under (us)

Sleep (us)

Stille Volk (fr)

Surtr (fr)

Swans (us)

Symphony X (us)

T.A.N.K. (uk)

Toydolls (uk)

Vera Cruz (fr)

Voivod (ca)

Walking Papers (us)

Waltari (fi)

Whitesnake (uk)

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