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Posted by PP on 14/01/13

Modern smartphones are awesome, but they are unfortunately very fragile. Drop one to the floor at a concert near a mosh pit? Get caught by torrential rain while at a festival with nowhere to hide while your favorite band is playing? Say goodbye to that expensive piece of equipment.

Not anymore. SONY have just come out with a new Android model: The LTE/4G enabled Xperia V, which they are dubbing as the ultimate LTE Smartphone experience. Not only do its specs stand strong in comparison to its peers, but get this: you can drop it into water for 30 minutes without causing damage to the device. So if you forget to take your phone out of your bathing shorts' pockets at the Roskilde Festival lake before jumping in, this is the phone to have on you. Did I mention it's also dust-resistant?

Check out a promo clip for the phone below to see it in action.

Pretty neat, huh?

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