Heavy Days In Doom Town completes 2013 line-up

Posted by AP on 05/01/13

Heavy Days In Doom Town have now completed the line-up for this year's festivities, to take place at Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen between the 2nd & 5th of May. The following bands have been added since we last posted news about the festival:

Alunah (uk)

Bell Witch (us)

Bottom Feeder (dk)

Conan (uk)

Cough (us)

Heat (de)

Huata (fr)

Lecherous Gaze (us)

Moss (uk)

Mournful Congregation (au)

Nocturnal (se)

Resonaut (no)

Samothrace (us)

Saturnalia Temple (se)

Saturnus (dk)

Seremonia (fi)

Shadow Of The Torturer (us)

Siena Root (se)

Skraeckoedlan (se)

Troubled Horse (se)

Øresund Space Collective (se/dk)

The pre-sale has now begun at the festival's website.

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