Carcass working on new studio album

Posted by AP on 03/12/12

Carcass are working on their first new studio album in 17 years with producer Colin Richardson. The latest incarnation of the outfit includes bassist/vocalist Jeff Walker, guitarist/vocalist Bill Steer and drummer Daniel Wilding, while another guitarist will also be enlisted for eventual live performances.

Speaking with about the new material, Walker said:

…We’ve taken stylistic cues from all the albums because it’s in our blood, but it’s no rehash or mess of ideas. I think it sounds almost like the missing link between the third and forth albums but with some groove in there. I’ve jokingly christened some parts ‘Trad Blast’ and some ‘Death Sleaze’… don’t think for a minute this is just some nostalgic throwback album—we’re setting up another 17 years of ideas for other bands to copy and clean up on [laughs].

He also commented on Steer's vocal contributions to the new album:

Yes, already in the can. It’s more along the lines of how I envisioned him backing me up on Heartwork. That said, my own vocals have a hell of a lot more range than they did in the past solely down to the luxury of having time to record them—I did all the vox for Heartwork in two days and it shows! Also, (hopefully) Ken [Owen] will make an appearance—we just need to tidy a few loose ends before the mix.

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