Sweden Rock Festival line-up taking shape

Posted by AP on 13/11/12

The line-up for next summer's Sweden Rock Festival, which will take place 5-8 June in Sölvesborg, Sweden, is starting to take shape. At present, it includes the following artists:

KISS (us)

Rush (ca)

Status Quo (uk)

Saxon (uk)

Accept (de)

Krokus (ch)

Amon Amarth (se)

UFO (uk)

Demon (uk)

Leningrad Cowboys (fi)

Bullet (se)

Sonata Arctica (fi)

Jon English (us)

Witchcraft (se)

Firewind (gr)

Threshold (uk)

Vader (pl)

Tankard (de)

Amaranthe (se)

Ihsahn (no)

Manilla Road (us)

Morgana Lefay (se)

Axxis (de)

Huntress (us)

The Scams (se)

Leprous (no)

Martin Prahl's Skelter Wheel (se)

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