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Posted by PP on 05/11/12

For the poker players reading - we've checked in with, who have put together their top three songs to rock out to while concentrating on your game at the tables. Check it out below:

In the digital era, there are so many opportunities to enjoy great rock music as you live life. Whether you're listening on Spotify, Soundcloud, Myspace, iTunes or any one of the endless amounts of music sources in the current day and age, you're going to have constant access to good tunes, and at far more affordable prices in today's market.

But when you're sitting down for a night of poker, and you've got your snacks, your comfiest chair and your laptop, there might be one thing missing - the ultimate poker playlist for rock fans. Read on, and delight in a few of the most card-player-friendly songs around.

1) The Grateful Dead - "Deal"

At first glance it's a song about cards, and the art of playing them in such a way that you always walk away victorious. But this one goes a little deeper and uses the medium of card-playing as a metaphor for talking about The New Deal that brought America out of the Great Depression. It's a smart song, and of course, many interpretations of cards allude to them being discussions of taking risks and striving for triumph not only at the table, but in life.

2) Motörhead - "Ace of Spades"

This is an absolute classic. Lemmy's growling voice extolling the virtues of that single card have made it an iconic one. While in the context of a poker game, all aces are a good thing, but it turns out this card must mean something special to Lemmy. An epic song about taking risks, fighting for victory, and avoiding being tripped up by the joker. Definitely one for the history books.

3) Garcia - "Loser"

Garcia is, for those who don't know, Jerry Garcia, lead singer of the Grateful Dead, and has a ditty called "Loser" that's a great song to listen to while racking up some poker time. It's all about not doing very well and continuing to push onwards regardless - noble, but not always the best advice when it comes to walking away from the table with an empty wallet!

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