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Posted by TL on 17/10/12

This is hardly news, but being the only site we know of that aim to cover all things rock, all the way from elegant folk-rock to black fuckin' metal, the staff are constantly up to our ears in more records and shows to review than we can handle.

So really, we are always looking for new writers, preferably of the active and enthusiastic kind. To lure those in, we offer you:

- Early access to loads of free, legal digital music.

- Help with getting into your favourite shows and festivals for free.

- Opportunities to interview some of your favourite musicians.

- The chance to gradually develop connections with people in the music industry.

- Constant development of your writing skills via constructive criticism and advice from your fellow writers.

- Journalistic experience that looks awesome on your CV.

What we require from you is:

- Confident, high level written English.

- Expansive knowledge in at least one or two genres

- Curiosity for checking out new bands and genres and expanding your musical horizon.

- Regular contributions of material, ie. at least four articles a month about records selected by you from our pool of promotional releases.

If you think this sounds appealing, or if you know somebody who does. Get in touch by writing us at under the headline "Becoming a writer". To further your chances and speed up the process, please have a look at some of our recent album reviews, write a similar test review of any current release you've been listening to, and attach it in your email so we have a chance to estimate whether you have what it takes.

Edit: Just to be clear. Everybody at are volunteers. Apart from the perks mentioned above here, there is unfortunately no monetary salary in writing for us.

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