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Posted by PP on 16/10/12

The Danish Safety Technology Authority have recently financed a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of coming home drunk, feeling hungry, and turning on the stove to cook a night snack before passing out after a long night of beer & rock'n'roll. They are calling the campaign 'fatal cocktail' / 'livsfarligt cocktail', which you can see below:

Apparently each year five people die as a result of fires relating to the stove when under the influence of alcohol, and over 500 cases of all fires are a result of incorrect or careless usage of the stove. The campaign also has a Facebook page, where the idea is to raise awareness over the issue and to allow young people in particular to share stories and 'that was close' moments between each other. You can also win cinema tickets and other prizes, including a 1-year's supply of late night pizza so you never have to cook again after a drunke night out.

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