Silverstein substitute guitarists

Posted by TL on 25/09/12

Silverstein have parted ways with guitarist Neil Boshart. He has been replaced with Paul Marc Rousseau from I Am Committing a Sin.

"So, as anyone who has seen us play in the last month has most likely noticed, Neil isn't in the band anymore. We have a new guitar player now who is absolutely awesome. His name is Paul Marc Rousseau. You may know him from his old projects I Am Committing A Sin as well as Burst & Bloom, and you've probably seen him on tour with us as he's worked for us over the last few years. It's great to have not only an amazing musician joining our band, but also one of our best friends who was already a part of the Silverstein touring family. We wish Neil all the best with his future endeavours, and stay tuned for some BIG Silverstein news over the next month or so!"

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