Vanir to release sophomore album in September

Posted by AP on 29/06/12

Danish folk metalers Vanir will release their second album, which they have titled "Onwards Into Battle", through Mighty Music on September 10th. Its tracklist runs, as follows:

01. "Dark Clouds Gather"

02. "Onwards Into Battle"

03. "Thyrfing"

04. "By The Hammer They Fall"

05. "Tveskægs Hævn"

06. "Brigands of Jomsborg"

07. "Æresdød"

08. "Vinlandsfærd"

09. "Warriors of Asgard"

10. "Hlidskjalf Gynger"

11. "Raise Your Horns"

12. "Fimbul"

13. "Sons of the North"

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