Road To Damascus minus guitar player

Posted by TL on 04/06/12

According to the following statement from the band's website, A Road To Damascus are splitting with guitarist Jakob Lorenzen.

"After several years of good times, hard work, and proud achievements, we are very sorry to announce that our guitarist, Jakob, will no longer be able to be a part of A Road To Damascus. Jakob has decided to pursue an academic career, which will likely require him to leave Denmark.

Jakob is such a great guy, and the times we have spent creating this band together have been amazing. We wish him the best of luck onwards.

This means that we are now looking for a new permanent replacement, to take Jakob’s position. There sure is a lot to live up to, both as a musician, but especially as an involved friend and colleague. However, if you think you’ve got what it takes send an e-mail to Please tell us a little about yourself (age, geographical location, profession, experience as a musician etc.) along with proof that you can handle a guitar (recording, livefootage or the like) and a picture. Auditions will be held in the end of june.

We will play all booked shows as planned. Furthermore, we have some great news coming up very soon. Stay tuned!

- A Road To Damascus"

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