WOA: Metal Battle collecting money for Royal Metal Fest

Posted by PP on 12/04/12

Some of you may have heard about the clash between two coinciding protest movements between left and right wing radicals during the Royal Metal Fest '12 in Voxhall, Århus a couple of weeks ago. What we were never told, however, was that the police were forced to close the streets for several hours near the venue, thus preventing paying customers from coming to the festival (as well as the scare-tactics employed by the media reporting of the protests).

This has caused a problem for Royal Metal Fest as they didn't sell as many tickets as they had budgeted for. Livescenen.dk, the organizers behind Wacken Open Air: Metal Battle have kindly stepped in to assist the organization. At each of the subsequent qualification stops (Kolding, Århus, Roskilde) as well as the final at Copenhagen, you'll be able to donate money to the Royal Metal Fest organizers so they'll be able to arrange the festival next year as well.

Be on the lookout for that when you attend the shows.

Additionally, all profits from any of the Wacken Open Air: Metal Battle shows will be donated to the organizers.

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