New Pierce The Veil album this year

Posted by DR on 02/01/12

It seems we can expect a new album from Pierce The Veil this year. An update from frontman Vic Fuentes can be read below:

OK, so who’s ready for a new PTV album?!?! Over the summer we locked down a cabin and wrote for a couple months before getting ready to leave for the “No Guts, No Glory” tour. On that tour we set up a small studio in the back lounge of the bus so that we could continue writing on the road, which is something we’ve never attempted, but it actually turned out to be really fun! Writing on tour was awesome because it reminded us everyday why we are doing all of this in the first place. Every time we played a show and every time I read a fan letter, it made us want to write more and more!

We are currently back in our home town of San Diego, California finishing up the songs and trying to pick a producer to record the new stuff. As we’ve said a million times before, our band is all about progressing with each album and pushing ourselves as hard as we can, almost to the point of going completely insane, to make something that we are all proud of. The new songs are a product of years of touring, bits of inspiration from all over the world, and every bit of heart and soul that we posses. Can’t wait for you to hear! So for now, please hang tight and we’ll try and keep you as updated as possible on the progress.

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