Interesting album concept from Silverstein set for February release

Posted by AP on 08/12/11

Silverstein will release what looks to be an interesting album concept on February 7th. It is titled "Short Songs", and was apparently created in memoriam to the songs totaling 90 seconds or less that were prevalent in the punk and hardcore scene during the band's youth.

The album will feature Silverstein's original take on these short songs as well as a compilation of covers that inspired them growing up. The tracklist runs, as follows:

01. "Sick As Your Secrets"

02. "Sin & Redemption"

03. "SOS"

04. "Brookfield"

05. "La Marseillaise"

06. "World on Fire"

07. "Sleep Around"

08. "My Miserable Life"

09. "Truth & Temptation"

10. "One Last Dance"

11. "See Ya Bill"

12. "Short Songs" (Dead Kennedys cover feat. Tim McIlrath, Chris Hannah, Mike Hranica, Chris #2, Jimmy Stadt, Nick Diener, Scott Wade, Daniel Tremblay & Paul Rosseau)

13. "236 E. Broadway" (Gob cover)

14. "Good Intentions" (Gorilla Biscuits cover)

15. "Destination: Blood! (Orchid cover)

16. "Coffee Mug" (Descendents cover)

17. "xOn Our Kneesx" (The Swarm cover feat. Liam Cormier)

18. "Scenes from Parisian Life" (The Promise Ring cover)

19. "I'ts My Job to Keep Punk Rock Elite" (NOFX cover)

20. "Quit Your Job" (Chixdiggit cover)

21. "The Ballad of Wilhelm Fink" (Green Day cover)

22. "You Gotta Stay Positive" (Good Clean Fun cover)

You can listen to "SOS", "Brookfield" and "Good Intentions" in the player below:

"Sin & Redemption" and "The Ballad of Wilhelm Fink" can be streamed here.

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