Vira disbands

Posted by PP on 22/11/11

Danish progressive metalcore crew Vira have decided to call it a day. Statement below:

You've probably been wondering why there haven't been news / updates from us in a very long time.

Looking back from where it all began till today, each of the four of us has grown tremendously in every possible way. We have developed our skills as musicians as well as human beings. It is time to realize that we have also grown apart musically and we are all on a great Journey, only this time we travel in different directions. As a result we have chosen to pull the plug for now...

We are still friends and share a great mutual respect for each others choices.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported the band from the beginning up to this Day. Venues, festivals, friends, family, bands / musicians and especially and most of all our fans!

You have always been there and you will always be in our hearts! You bring wonderful memories to all of us. Thank you!

As a final 'thank you', we've chosen to upload our debut album as a digital package that contains promo photos, lyrics and individual credit lists. We apologize for the long wait - enjoy!

This Virus is cured for now, but we don't know if we'll be infected again...


The Debut album can bedownloaded for free here:

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