The Mars Volta live cd

Posted by xre on 19/09/05

The Mars Volta will be releasing a live album on November 8th called "Scabdates". The album will feature 12 songs from both "Frances The Mute" and "De-Loused In The Comatorium", all heard in their true live form. For the uninformed, the songs are longer, sound entirely different and are usually improvised for the most parts during their live shows.


1. abrasions mount the timpani

2. take the veil cerpin taxt

3. a) gust of mutts

4. b) and ghosted pouts

5. caviglia

6. concertina

7. haruspex

8. cicatriz

9. a) pt I

10. b) pt II

11. c) pt III

12. d) pt IV

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