Whoops, missed a gig

Posted by TL on 03/05/11

In addition to the "Denmark Live Update" two posts below, it turns out that Silence Of September are also playing at Rust, Copenhagen on Friday, May 6th. Frontman Nikola Majkic is also giving a solo show to warm things up, and courtesy of him, we can also present you with the set times for the night:

20.30 - Niko (Solo) Unplugged

20.50 - Omoreka

21.45 - You Will See Us On The Horizon (first concert ever)

22.40 - Silence of September

Also, rumour has it that Mirza Radonjica of Siamese Fighting Fish will guest on one of the headliner's songs, and that there's a free beer for the first 100 people to show up with a white piece of cloth around their wrist.

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