Week In Retrospect - Sunday 9. January

Posted by AP on 10/01/11

As you can see from the amount of content posted last week, business is slow in the beginning of January. Most of our writers are dealing with exams and coursework, whilst all spare time is being channeled into rounding off last year's reviews. Consequently we have yet to post a single 2011 album review - but rest assured, there are lots on the way. For now, indulge yourself in one of the best albums 2010 had to offer, and keep an eye on the constantly updated Danish gig guide found under the Notes tab on our Facebook page, or alternatively, use this direct link. Don't miss out on last week's news coverage in our archive, either.

Album Of The Week:

Devil Sold His Soul - Blessed & Cursed

Album Reviews (Ordered by date of submission):

Ektomorf - Redemption [2]

Danko Jones - Below The Belt [7]

The Sky Life - Roots And Wings [6½]

Summer Hours - Alone Together [7½]

Constants - If Tomorrow The War [7]

Nathan Xander & Witchouse - John Wayne / Darkness [7]

Now, Now - Neighbors EP [7½]

Adalie - Don't Give In EP [6½]

The Autumn Offering - The Autumn Offering [7½]

Fireworks - Bonfires EP [8]

Mae - (e)vening EP [6½]

All That Remains - For We Are Many [7]

Grave Digger - The Clans Will Rise Again [7]

October Tide - A Thin Shell [8]

Mr. Death - Death Suits You EP [6½]

Stench - In Putrescence [6½]

Devil Sold His Soul - Blessed & Cursed [9]

Mordax - Slaughter EP [6]

Dark Order - Cold War Of The Condor [7½]

Hardbone - Dirty 'N' Young [6½]

The Ocean - Heliocentric [8½]

The Ocean - Anthropocentric [8]

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