Week In Retrospect - Sunday 7. November

Posted by AP on 08/11/10

Last week we earned some new enemies when a puritanical hardcore crew known as the Antibodies decided our review of their latest record was bullshit and incited their fans to troll us with one stupid comment after the other, embarrasing themselves and their label. Some bands don't take criticism too well.

This week bodes another assortment of concerts worth checking out. Tomorrow (Tuesday) BETA has some hard rockin' punk on the program courtesy of The Turbo A.C.'s and Racing Decays, and on Wednesday hardcore veterans Coliseum will tear the venue a new one together with sludge act Bison b.c. and fantastic black n' rollers Kvelertak.

On Thursday you might want to head over to Rust to check out Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, treat yourself to some rock n' roll at The Rock with Imperial State Electric and Highway Child, or listen to some moody indie rock by The National at KB Hallen.

Friday marks the start of The Rock's two-day re-launch festival, where the only confirmed band so far is the mighty Supercharger (on Saturday, mind you), while Rust has an up-and-coming showcase featuring The Righteous, Glasstone, Papa Stereo, The Awesome Welles and Blueshift. So expect lots of new gig reviews in the coming days.

Keep an eye on the constantly updated Danish gig guide found under the Notes tab on our Facebook page, or alternatively, use this direct link.

Remember to also check out last week's coverage in our archive, and in particular the new Comeback Kid album, because what you have there is one of the best hardcore albums of modern times, no exaggeration.

Album Of The Week:

Comeback Kid - Symptoms + Cures


Dimmu Borgir

Album Reviews (Ordered by date of submission):

Disturbed - Asylum [7½]

Bars Of Gold - Of Gold [7]

Charlie Brown - Demo EP [7]

Washington Square Park - Washington Square Park [7½]

We Will Fly - Bangarang [7]

Zeropunk - Zeropunk [8]

Good Charlotte - Cardiology [5½]

Your Demise - The Kids We Used To Be [7½]

Black Rain - License To Thrill [4]

Antibodies - Live Fast, Die Old School [2]

Alice Through The Windshield Glass - Keep Your Eyes On The Road EP [5]

Linkin Park - A Thousand Suns [5]

Sonic Syndicate - We Rule The Night [5]

Comeback Kid - Symptoms + Cures [9]

Black Anvil - Triumvirate [7]

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