Week In Retrospect - Sunday 19. September

Posted by AP on 20/09/10

Great news on the Danish front this week, as the venue formerly known as Stengade 30 re-opened after nearly one-and-a-half years of political battle and eventual refurbishment under the new moniker Spillestedet Stengade. Yours truly stood behind the bar, and the party was immense, with the venue earning in excess of 73,000 DKK just in bar sales. One of Copenhagen's finest cultural gems is thus back and here to stay.

In other news, business as usual on the review front. Despite a particularly depressing start to the week with a horrific deathcore duo, this week bodes a selection of excellent albums in the 7 - 9 grading range. We would also have liked to provide you with coverage of Marduk's headlining show at The Rock last week, but work, studies and general laziness have prevented us from doing so. Or prevented me from doing so - to be more specific. That review will be posted later today (knocks on wood). We also failed to attend Keith Caputo's show there yesterday as an aftermath of the party at Stengade, so don't be expecting a review of that either. Do, however, be expecting lots more content this week.

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Album Of The Week:

The Felix Culpa - Sever Your Roots

Album Reviews: (Ordered by date of submission)

And Hell Followed With - Proprioception [4]

Uda - Hurtownia Przebiśniegów [2]

Triosphere - The Road Less Travelled [6½]

Mandrake - Innocence Weakness [7½]

Authority Zero - Stories Of Survival [8]

Black Breath - Heavy Breathing [8]

Acid Tiger - Acid Tiger [7½]

The Felix Culpa - Sever Your Roots [9]

Castevet / Into It. Over It. - Snack Town [7½]

Fluwid - From Surface To Solution [6½]

The Red Shore - The Avarice Of Man [7]

Conditions - Fluorescent Youth [8]

Chris Singleton & The Distractions - Lady Gasoline [7]

Morowe - Pieklo. Labirynty. Diably. [7]

Mutiny Within - Mutiny Within [8]

Chelsea Grin - Desolation Of Eden [3½]

Schlechtvalk - A Forlorn Throne [8]

Svartahrid - Ex Inferi [7]

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