Week In Retrospect - Sunday 22. August

Posted by BL on 24/08/10

Two days late AGAIN but nonetheless not forgotten AGAIN, for once again I have stepped in to save the day in the absence of the other Eds (some of which are off enjoying Blink in concert as I type this, lucky bastards). Anyway there's plenty of great reviews to read up on with four albums promoted to the album of the week! And there's also two new concert reviews including the late review for the Trigger The Bloodshed show which featured our favourite band The Dead Lay Waiting (ahem). To make sure you didn't miss a beat of the news during the week so check out our news archive as well. Also remember to tell your friends about us and join our Facebook page.

Live Reviews:

Trigger The Bloodshed 31.05.2010

Stars Burn Stripes 20.08.2010

Albums Of The Week:

Edenbridge - Solitaire

Far - At Night We Live

The Narrative - The Narrative

Balance & Composure / Tigers Jaw - Split

Album Reviews: (Ordered by date of submission)

While She Sleeps - The North Stands For Nothing [7½]

Junior Battles - Junior Battles EP [7]

The Glitterati - Are You One Of Us? [7½]

Edenbridge - Solitaire [8]

Dinner Auf Uranos - 50 Sommer - 50 Winter [4]

Far - At Night We Live [8]

Ion Dissonance - Cursed [7]

Diabolic - Excision Of Exorcisms [7]

Octaves - Greener Pastures! [7½]

War From A Harlots Mouth / Burning Skies - Split EP [6]

The Narrative - The Narrative [8]

Just Surrender - Phoenix [6½]

This Comp Kills Fascists - Volume Two [6]

Ripe - A Moment Forever [7]

Joey Groon - The Emptiness EP [6½]

Fir Bolg - Paganism (demo) [6½]

Aiumeen Basoa - Iraganeko Bide Malkartsutik [7]

Vilipend - Plague Bearer EP [6½]

Balance & Composure / Tigers Jaw - Split [8]

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