Erhhh, what?

Posted by TL on 01/08/10

Mike Gentile of Hey Monday recently gave an interview in which he gave the following explanation as to why the band is putting out an EP instead of an LP.

Well we just figured that with the way that everything is right now in the industry, you have to stay on top, you gotta keep putting things out. We just felt like if we were to put out a full-length at the end of the summer it just, it wouldn't be as beneficial to our fans and the band as if we were to just kind of split it up. We'll put the EP out and we'll just keep writing and keep putting things out every couple of months...If you want to stay relevant you have to do something that not everybody is doing. Everybody'll put out a full-length and then kids'll be over it two months from now. Like why do that? ...We might put out a full-length in March, but as of right now, we just felt the best decision to do was to put out an EP.

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