Week In Retrospect - Sunday 25. July

Posted by BL on 27/07/10

Have you checked out our Roskilde Festival 2010 feature article yet? Because if not then you should definitely do so to read up on all the bands our fellow crew witnessed, their time at the festival, and all the (drunken) festivities they all partook. Elsewhere we have 23 album reviews and 4 concert reviews for you to sink your teeth into to enjoy, from a few that didn't quite cut it to some that you should definitely check out if you enjoy the bands that are deemed similar or if you just want to try out something new we recommend. There was also plenty of big news during the week so check out our news archive to make sure you didn't miss a beat. Also remember to tell your friends about us and join our Facebook page.

Live Reviews:

Born To Lose 21.07.2010

Dúné 23.07.2010

Bad Religion 24.07.2010

Kill The Rooster 22.07.2010

Album Of The Week:

Distaste & Bastard Peels - Distaste vs Bastard Peels

Album Reviews: (Ordered by date of submission)

Eisregen - Schlangensonne [6½]

Foals - Total Life Forever [6]

Revolting Cocks - Got Cock? [7]

Distaste & Bastard Peels - Distaste vs Bastard Peels [8½]

Cardiac Arrest - Haven For The Insane [6]

Bokaata - Everybody Needs An Enemy [5½]

Dirty Sweet - American Spiritual [7½]

Les Sages - Share This [8]

Striking Back - The Restless EP [6]

Feel The Pain - Life Is Pain And Pain Is Our Life [5½]

Secondskin - Captive Audience [7]

Chillihounds - Welcome To The Show [4]

Pearl - Little Immaculate White Fox [6½]

Trigger The Bloodshed - Degenerate [7½]

Hy-Test - Dishing Out The Good Times [7]

Scarlet Grey - Fancy Blood EP [7]

Gifts From Enola - Gifts From Enola [7½]

Alamance - In This Moment [6]

A Torn Mind - Barriers [5]

Jesserit - I See You Have Options [7]

Mr Twist - Mr Twist [6]

The Keys - Fire Inside EP [6]

Pack Of Wolves - A Nice Black Suit [7½]

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