Blood on the... prison floor?

Posted by DR on 20/07/10

Blood on the Dance Floor seems to be involved in a rape trial:

"What does shrill dance techno have in common with a humorous internet video of a crying 11 year old girl on YouTube? A lot, according to reports surfacing this week about Dahvie Vanity (real name David Jesus Torres) - music artist and front man of popular electronic act Blood on the Dance Floor.

Bleacher has received numerous anecdotal reports as well as confirmed records from a previous offense dating back to September of last year in which Torres was charged with a 1st degree felony for statutory rape of an unnamed 16 year old girl residing in San Diego, CA.

This would perhaps be little to no news until earlier this week a video of a crying 11 year old went viral on the video sharing website YouTube, gathering over 1.5 million views in less than 5 days. In all the commotion surrounding what seemed to be an innocent episode of preteen angst, it was revealed that Jessi (an 11 year old girl) and star of this video had recently been involved in a relationship with Dahvie Vanity who is now being charged with a 2nd statutory rape charge this time with Jessi. Rumor turned into evidence, evidence turned into a police report and Jessi was put into protective police custody immediately as a case is being built against Vanity.

Details are still coming in at this time and we will update this article as they surface. It has been confirmed by Blood on the Dancefloor's management that they will be canceling all upcoming tour dates in preparation for what may be a long and drawn out court case in which consequences may never be the same."

If are unaware as to who this 11-year old girl is, read this.

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