Mr. Drive-Thru interviewed

Posted by xre on 02/04/05 has posted a fascinating interview of Richard Reines, the guy who started up Drive-Thru records (Finch, Senses Fail, New Found Glory to name but a few) and got it to be the big independent label it is today. The interview goes in depth about Drive-Thru records' time at Geffen records, how to start your own label, illegal downloading and much more. Here's small snippet of the interview:

"How long is your distribution deal with Geffen supposed to last? Are there any current plans for increased autonomy?

Our deal with Geffen ended back in August 2004 and we couldn't wait to get the hell out of there. FUCK GEFFEN RECORDS! THEY SUCK!!!!!!! We got offered a lot of money $$$$ and a huge percentage of the bands they STOLE from us to stay at Geffen and we said "over our dead bodies." We got so screwed over while we were there and took a lot more (really, really bad shit) to be able to leave with some of our bands. It was a 5 year nightmare and we are soooooooo much happier not being there. I'm shocked how many indie labels have recently done the same horrible deal. We warned them all how bad it was, but they still went ahead and did it. Crazy."

Check it out, it's an interesting read!

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