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Groezrock 2019 lineup nears completion 24/03/2019 PP
PUP debuts two new songs: "Sibling Rivalry" & "Scorpion Hill" 24/03/2019 AP
Tame Impala streaming new single: "Patience" 24/03/2019 AP
New Blood Command single available for streaming 24/03/2019 AP
New Misery Index music video unveiled for "Naysayer" 24/03/2019 AP
Gold premieres new video single: "Taken by Storm" 24/03/2019 AP
Watch Crystal Lake's new music video for "Hail to the Fire" 24/03/2019 AP
Battle Beast unveils music video for "Endless Summer" 24/03/2019 AP
Death Angel to release "Humanicide" in May 23/03/2019 AP
Spiders to support Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats in Malmö in June 23/03/2019 AP
The Damned Things post lyric video for new song "Something Good" 23/03/2019 AP
Dance Gavin Dance premieres new video single: "Head Hunter" 23/03/2019 AP
New Brutus single "Django" available for streaming 22/03/2019 AP
Whitechapel posts music video for new song "Hickory Creek" 22/03/2019 AP
New Bury Your Dead single "Collateral" available for streaming 22/03/2019 AP
Urkraft premieres new video single: "Our Treacherous Fathers" 22/03/2019 AP
Copenhell finalises 2019 line-up by unveiling 5 new artists 22/03/2019 AP
Nyt Liv to release "Ensomhedens kolde kald" in May 22/03/2019 AP
Pig Destroyer streaming new single: "Cameraman" 21/03/2019 AP
Darkthrone to release "Old Star" in May 20/03/2019 AP
Amon Amarth announces new album: "Berserker" 20/03/2019 AP
Abrahma to release "In Time for the Last Rays of Light" in May 20/03/2019 AP
Sainthood Reps premiere new single: "Burning Sheep" 20/03/2019 AP
The Cranberries streaming new song: "Wake Me When It's Over" 20/03/2019 AP
Dawn Of Demise drops new video single: "Into the Depths of Veracity" 20/03/2019 AP
New Town Portal single "Human Touch" available for streaming 20/03/2019 AP
Saint Vitus streaming new song: "Bloodshed" 20/03/2019 AP
Destrage announces new record: "The Chosen One" 20/03/2019 AP
Full Of Hell reveals details of new album: "Weeping Choir" 19/03/2019 AP
Black Mountain to release "Destroyer" in May 19/03/2019 AP
Earth announces new album: "Full Upon Her Burning Lips" 19/03/2019 AP
Lifesick to open for Impalers & Electric Hellride in Copenhagen 18/03/2019 AP
Afsky to open for Imperial Triumphant & Mord'A'Stigmata in Copenhagen 18/03/2019 AP
La Dispute announce European summer shows 18/03/2019 AP
Cult Leader to tour Europe this summer 18/03/2019 AP
Mirror Queen to support Black Tusk on upcoming European tour 18/03/2019 AP
American Football streaming "LP3" in full 18/03/2019 AP
AntropomorphiA premieres "Womb ov Thorns" music video 18/03/2019 AP
Forever Still unveils music video for new song "Is It Gone?" 18/03/2019 AP
Eluveitie posts music video for new song "Ambiramus" 17/03/2019 AP
Aphyxion premieres new video single: "Sleepwalkers" 17/03/2019 AP
Possessed to return with new album "Revelations of Oblivion" in May 17/03/2019 AP
Watch Allegaeon's new music video for "Extremophiles (B)" 17/03/2019 AP
Martyrdöd to release "Hexhammaren" in May 17/03/2019 AP
Pectora premieres new video single: "Untaken" 15/03/2019 AP
Tony Levin's Stick Men to Denmark in November 15/03/2019 AP
Black Mirrors to support The Vintage Caravan on European tour 15/03/2019 AP
Venom Prison posts music video for "Asura's Realm" 15/03/2019 AP
Devin Townsend premieres new single: "Evermore" 15/03/2019 AP
Livløs confirmed to support Arch Enemy in Århus 14/03/2019 AP


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