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UK metalcore outfit Bury Tomorrow were due to play one of their first shows back in the south of the UK at the start of 2011 after an eventful 2010 for them. Bury Tomorrow are one of the bands I would probably consider a local band for me having been based in Southampton for nearly four years and its been a fun ride to see them grow over this time. Anyway, after realising that it was too cold outside and that there wasn't anywhere peaceful to do the interview, we patiently waited until the bands inside finished their final preparations and sound checking before the two Winter-Bates brothers of Bury Tomorrow came over to have a nice long interview.

RF.net:So can you start by introducing yourselves?
Davyd: Hi, I'm Davyd and I play bass.

Danni: And I'm Danni and I'm the lead singer.

RF.net: So what has 2010 been like for the band?
Danni: Absolutely crazy, probably been the best year of our career really as a band. We've been doing loads of tours, America three times, Japan once, two UK tours and one massive European tour. So busy, busy, busy really.

RF.net: What's been the most memorable part of the year?
Davyd: I think the most memorably part of the year was probably our first US tour. Like its the one that has left the biggest impression on us, we made such good friends on that tour, it was kind of like a milestone for the band. We'd always say we wanted to get to America and wanted to start playing in America and so probably the most memorable thing for me is the first US tour.

Danni: Mine's probably playing Sonisphere. Like that was crazy, like we didn't expect to have such a huge crowd, the tent was absolutely rammed and it was one of the best nights we've ever played. That's my most memorably experience.

RF.net: Speaking of your first US tour, what do you notice about the differences between playing a show in the US and in the UK?
Davyd: I think the main difference is, in the US, kids are a lot more keen to do whatever the band says kind of thing. So if you say "jump" they'll jump, if you say "circle pit" they'll circle pit. If you say "open the pit up" they'll open it. Whereas in England, you go around the country and there's a lot of different styles of crowd: so those who just want to watch, those who want to go mental. I think that's the major difference, its the crowd participation like in England, the kids will do what they want to do and I think you have to work with the audience a lot more in England. Like learn what they are doing, go with that, try and work them out during the set. Whereas in America, you just command them, you tell them to do things, and its just how many people do things that's the difference each time - not if they're going to do it, if they're not going to do it.

RF.net: Any sort of fun/weird moments you want to talk about from last year?
Danni: We just like having a load of fun. Like in our first American tour was just crazy. Like being able to play in front of that many kids a night was just something we've never ever done or had the opportunity to do. We've made some best friends in some amazing bands, in Miss May I, Attack Attack!, The Crimson Armada are three of our best friends and people we want to tour with and will be touring with again this year.

Davyd: I think the craziest moment of this entire year, was summed up in the four days we did in Japan. Every night was just off the chain and completely mind blowing, like it was a different experience from anything we've experienced before and it was just the best.

Danni: And sharing that experience with two other amazing bands like Confide and Pierce The Veil were really, just fun guys to go out with, to hang out with.

Davyd: All the crazy stuff went down on that one. Everyone just accepted it as bit of a holiday. Less of a tour and more like just a lads weekend so it was proper funny.

RF.net: Who has the worst habits on tour?
Davyd: I don't think its necessarily who has the worst habit, its kind of who changes daily. Everyone has annoying habits, but not everyone does them every day. Dan as you can see, chews everything (Danni is chewing on a bottle). Bottles, everything. I have exceptionally smelly flatulence.

Danni: Jason (guitarist/clean singer) doesn't wash that much.

Davyd: Mehdi (the other guitarist) actually likes making out with animals, that's pretty weird. And Adam (the drummer) once used to be a pirate, so plunders and rapes a lot.

RF.net: Who would you like to tour with?
Davyd: Lady Gaga for a start.

Danni: Yeah. Besides huge, massive bands that are just retardedly big. Like bands in our scene, Like I'd like to do a Parkway tour, because I think they'd suit us really, really well. Bands like Parkway, Bring Me (The Horizon), basically that Bring Me tour that is going on, we'd quite like to be on that tour. Those kind of bands are really a big deal for us, because they were pioneers of the scene. A Day To Remember, they'd be a good band to tour with, we've heard they're all really nice guys. Bands like that, we'd just love to get back to America and we love American bands.

Davyd: I really like to tour with Ghosts On Pegasus Bridge. Probably one of my ideal bands that I can ever tour with. I want them to come back for one tour so we can support them on their headlining tour.

RF.net: What is the first thing you do when you get back from touring?
Danni: Relax...

Davyd: Have sex..

Danni: I personally just relax my voice a lot, and make sure I'm getting better and better and it goes on, do a lot of warm-ups and practices every day. We band practice and we're writing a new album so we've been doing that a lot since we've been back and just smashing out songs.

Davyd: I like to catch up on "America's Next Top Model", catch up "90210".

Danni: "Frasier" as well...

Davyd: Just like watching a lot of really good TV, like "Sex And The City", all of it really, "This Morning" with Holly Willoughby.

RF.net: So you mentioned your new album, what can we expect from that?
Danni: Basically just the same as what we've always done, but a lot better production. We're going to be a not so much an American sound, but a more modern sound. And pushing our strength, pushing the heavy side heavier, and the lighter melodic side more melodic. By no means will we ever say that we're going heavier and lighter, we're staying the same but pushing those two extremes as far as they're go really.

Davyd: And also like with the addition of the euro trance element as well. We think there's going to be an euro trance revival.

Danni: ...and grunge. Grunge and euro trance.

Davyd: Yeah I mean we got Basshunter who is going to be doing some of the electronics off the new album. That's the sort of sound we'll be going for.

RF.net: What has changed since the very beginning for you guys?
Danni: I think just, we're becoming more professional. Like we joke around and we play about with everything pretty much we do but, it's just become a lot more slick and we like... It's become a lot more fun to tour because we know what we're doing now, we're not the fish out of the water now because we've done it for four years. Like I think our music has got tighter, I hope so anyway, and it's just strange seeing the rise of your band when you're in the band because you don't see that its got any bigger than what you were playing four years ago you know? People tell us that we're in a big band and we look at all the venues we're playing and go: "well not really". We have fun with what we do.

Davyd: Yeah like I think the main thing that has changed is we've been given a lot more money.

Danni: Yeah money has changed a bit.

Davyd: We all got bought houses.

Danni: That's not happening, that's a massive lie.

Davyd: We're more poor now than when we first started.

Danni: Yeah that's changed.

Davyd: We used to all have quite a bit of money from jobs and now I have to sell body.

Danni: I stopped reading, that's changed. I can't really do maths anymore, that's changed.

Davyd: I haven't ever written a letter since I joined this band.

Danni: I've only used the computer for facebook and myspace.

Davyd: And Labour isn't in power anymore. Patrick Swayze died. And Michael Jackson.

Danni: Where have I been...?

RF.net: There's always a lot of naysayers and critics about the metalcore genre and what do you have to say to people who think that its dying?
Danni: I'd say it has, like it did. Metalcore did die. We love that kind of music whole heartedly, we always have and we always will do. So we just try and keep it alive.

Davyd: I'd say by defibrillator, restart the body and go "look, it is actually alive, I've just brought it back from the dead. Everyone's died once."

Danni: As I said we love that kind of music, we're all massive fans of Still Remains, As I Lay Dying and Atreyu. They're like huge influences on where we started as a band and we want that to keep on going and hopefully its going to come back round. Like Bring Me have put a lot more melodic into their music and its sounded a lot more metalcore than it ever has.

Davyd: I'd say 2011 is the year of the new metalcore (ED:NOT nu-metalcore). Like new metalcore is where you just take what metalcore used to be and you just update it. You make it heavier, you add the programming, you add all the sorts of like that sort of stuff - thats new metalcore, that's what we're in.

Danni: Like a lot of these new American bands.

Davyd: You looking at bands coming out now, you listen to like Attack Attack! even British bands like While She Sleeps and bands like that. They're all playing that real heavy, crushing... like it's all within one genre and that genre is new metalcore and thats what we're trying to make the headway in. Like make new metalcore an acceptable genre.

Danni: I think we're probably the most old school band out there. We've never been a cool band, we probably never will be a cool band though we're not really that bothered about that because we stick to the music we're playing and we always have done.

RF.net: Who would you say are up and rising local bands to look out for?
Davyd: Kerouac, for a start. They're just pure, like if violence could be personified in a band it would be Kerouac.

Danni: I'd say Burn The Fleet, but they're already on the rise. That bad is just unbelievable, every night we had the absolute pleasure of taking that band out on their first ever UK tour. It was every night a pleasure to watch them.

Davyd: I'm really proud of Not Advised as well. There was a moment that they were going to be Southampton's biggest thing, and then there was a little drop off and everyone was like "what's going on?" and then suddenly they kick started their careers again and they're like fast on the rise to anything they were before. Really proud of those guys, it takes a lot when you've had a knock back to then get motivated again to re-do it, it would have been so easy to kind of like knock it on their head and they didn't and they just kept going with the pop-punk thing which a lot of bands like You Me At Six got big over and stuff like that. And then pop-punk died a little, it's really good that they've really just gone "nah, fuck it, lets do it." and just gone for it - I really respect that.

RF.net: Whats the most surprising thing about you guys that fans don't know about?
Davyd: That we actually like each other. Like we're five very, very different people. I think we're are like five best friends and we wouldn't change for the world, we're a family. I'll tell you something, if we weren't in the band, none of us would ever have been friends with each other.

Danni: I think also that kids don't know that we're not rich people who live in mansions, we're not incredibly privileged. We have worked hard for four years to get to where we are, and it takes hard work to get where you are. We haven't even broken and we've still being doing it for four years.

Davyd: We've given up a lot of things: friends, family, holidays, we've literally been just sat in a van touring. It takes five people with the same mentally to get through that.

Davyd: I just want fans to know that we'll never ever stop. Like until the band breaks, splits up, that is our mentality. Work hard.

Davyd: We ain't going nowhere.

RF.net: Heres something a little more random, whats your favourite film?
Davyd: Favourite film of all time? Probably either Blade Runner, or Star Wars Episode IV (A New Hope).

Danni: Probably "The Punisher" I've watched more times, that or "Fight Club". "Fight Club" is like such a good movie.

RF.net: Whats in store for your fans and yourselves in 2011?
Danni: New album, our brand new album. We're very, very proud of where its going and incredibly proud of how its going to sound. Just really what we did last year but pumped. Like its going to be more American tours, more English tours, just touring the world really.

Davyd: They can expect Bury Tomorrow not to go anywhere, they can expect that they're not going to feel embarrassed to feel those T-shirts when we release the new album. They're going to be proud to wear them and they'll probably want to buy more because of it.

Danni: They're going to see the rise of BT, like this is our year where we are making the push.

Davyd: We're doing what Not Advised did.

RF.net: That's all the questions I've got, the last word is with you guys.
Danni: Just thanks for everyone thats ever supported us and thanks to people like you guys for pushing us out there.

Davyd: Yeah come check out our band and have a party!

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