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So having spent time reviewing their debut about a month ago, I thought I'd follow that up with my first interview here, so read on to find out what Steven Bradley from Iwrestledabearonce had to say about how "It's All Happening!" and more. As usual, it's an email interview so the responses aren't as long and detailed as in regular interviews, but that doesn't mean they aren't interesting nonetheless. For those not in the know, Iwrestledabearonce are a grindcore band that uses modern technology like programming to create a somewhat more 'scene' sound.

RF.net: Hey there! Thanks for doing this interview. Let’s get started by introducing yourself to our readers and perhaps tell us what the band is currently up to.
Steven: I’m Steven and I play guitar and do programming stuff! We just got home from our tour with August Burns Red and will be doing a few more US shows before heading to Europe!

RF.net: How did you guys come up with the name “Iwrestledabearonce”?
Steven: It’s a quote from the insane actor Gary Busey. He blurted it out on his old TV show and we thought it was amazing.. and insane!

RF.net: In early June your debut album “It’s All Happening” was released in the US, how has the response been so far?
Steven: It’s been awesome.. way better than expected! #1 on the Billboard Top New Artist chart and #121 on the overall Billboard Top 200.. beating out tons of bands who we never thought possible! Also, everyone who liked our old EP seem to like it even more, so that’s important too.

RF.net: Describe the new record in 10 words. Go!

RF.net: I’ve become a fan of the impressive vocals, but there are people out there who say that women have no place in heavy or metal music, how would you silence those kinds of people?
Steven: If people are really that closed-minded and ignorant, I hope they die in a chemical fire. Racist/Sexist/Stupid people have no place in the world. Also, if you really feel that way then come to one of our shows and let Krysta show you that you’re an idiot.

RF.net: How do you think you guys have progressed as a band both musically and personally since your self titled EP?
Steven: We have done wayyyy more touring, so that has definitely affected us in some ways. Also we have gotten older and been exposed to more music, thus influencing us in other directions! We’re still the same old morons playing whatever the hell we want though!

RF.net: Given the wild variety of types of sounds you guys employ, what is the writing process like for the band? How does a song typically take shape?
Steven: Normally John(other guitarist/programmer) and I will work with some ideas on guitar and with the computer and then we will all try and put things together and make songs out of ideas. Everyone else adds their flavor as well, thus making it an IWABO song.

RF.net: What was the album recording process like and who did you work with?
Steven: It was very rushed and hectic! We recorded at Ross Robinson’s place on Venice Beach in California, and our buddy Ryan Boesch engineered and helped produce. We had a limited amount of time and had to finish writing songs in the studio! Very stressful!

RF.net: How did Iwrestledabearonce originally start?
Steven: Krysta moved in with me because we started dating, and after a few months of losing our minds after our previous bands broke up… we started working on IWABO with my roommate John! We started with the idea of doing whatever the hell we wanted and blending whatever styles and stupid ideas we desired… not caring what anyone else thought!

RF.net: What was the music scene like back home when you guys were starting out? Has anything changed since then?
Steven: We are from a small city in Louisiana where the scene sucks! And I hear from friends back home that it is still pretty small and terrible. We love our friends/fans there, but as a whole the music scene is very small and not much goes on there.

RF.net: Which bands were influences for your music?
Steven: EVERYTHING. Radiohead, Led Zepplin, Necrophagist, Nirvana, Cephalic Carnage, Refused, Minus, Botch, Portishead, Bjork, Dillinger Escape Plan, Mr. Bungle, etc etc.. I could go on for days!

RF.net: Do you guys have any other non-musical influences for the music you write?
Steven: Horror movies… lots of horror movies.

RF.net: Which bands would you guys love to tour with and why?
Steven: We’re pretty much game for anything! Most of the bands we would have loved to tour with have broken up at this point haha. Anyone from the list I mentioned above would be amazing though!

RF.net: Speaking of tours, you guys are about to embark on the “Never Say Die Club Tour 2009” here in Europe – do you personally know any of the bands on this upcoming tour?
Steven: We played with Horse the Band one time in New York City and it was awesome… so we’re definitely stoked for the tour!

RF.net: What are your expectations for this tour?
Steven: We expect it to be the best tour ever… Europe baby! Fuck yeah! Haha..

RF.net: What should people expect in a typical Iwrestledabearonce live performance?
Steven: A good time… and tons of crazy shit. Also we always hang out during shows, so come say hello! We want to meet you!

RF.net: What do you guys like doing in-between playing shows?
Steven: Well we spend all day riding in our van haha. Drinking is fun.. drinking in hot tubs is even better!

RF.net: Other than the tour in Europe what else can we expect from Iwrestledabearonce in the future?
Steven: TOUR, TOUR, TOUR.. and more music! We will be doing this til we die, so come hang out on the road!

RF.net: That’s it from me, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. Good luck with the new album here in Europe! Do you have any last words for fans and readers?
Steven: Thanks for the interview! Can’t wait to meet all of you on the Never Say Die tour! We are really excited to finally come play for you guys!

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