Gig Reviews

Artist Support Where Date Author
Hundred Reasons From Autumn To Ashes + Flood Of Red Southampton, UK 14/01/2008 AP
The Blackout My American Heart Copenhagen, DEN 18/01/2008 TL
Darkest Hour Malefice + Glamour Of The Kill London, UK 25/01/2008 PP
Jimmy Eat World Sparkadia Copenhagen, DEN 03/02/2008 TL
Reel Big Fish Streetlight Manifesto + Ill Young Skill Copenhagen, DEN 06/02/2008 TL
Municipal Waste Toxic Holocaust Copenhagen, DEN 16/02/2008 TL
Bullet For My Valentine Still Remains Copenhagen, DEN 18/02/2008 TL
The Mars Volta None Copenhagen, DEN 22/02/2008 TL
The Dillinger Escape Plan Between The Buried And Me + Stolen Babies London, UK 23/02/2008 AP
Panic At The Disco Black Gold Copenhagen, DEN 27/02/2008 TL
The Dillinger Escape Plan Poison The Well + Stolen Babies Copenhagen, DEN 06/03/2008 TL
Turisas Norther + Alestorm Southampton, UK 12/03/2008 AP
Mevadio Billy Boy In Poison Copenhagen, DEN 13/03/2008 AP
Siamese Fighting Fish Trusted Few Copenhagen, DEN 15/03/2008 TL
Simple Plan Elliot Minor Copenhagen, DEN 30/03/2008 PP
Dropkick Murphys Against Me! + Deadly Sins + Year Long Disaster Copenhagen, DEN 03/04/2008 PP
Coheed and Cambria Oceansize Copenhagen, DEN 08/04/2008 TL
Turisas Heidra Copenhagen, DEN 02/04/2008 AP
Misery Signals August Burns Red + Emmure + Verify Örebro, SWE 09/04/2008 AP
Lets Talk Tactics None Guildford, UK 28/04/2008 PP
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Sherwood + Kill The Arcade Southampton, UK 16/05/2008 AP
HORSE The Band A Kid Hereafter In The Grinding Light + Gyserfilm Copenhagen, DEN 08/05/2008 PP
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Kill The Arcade + Sherwood London, UK 26/05/2008 PP
Silverstein Lapko + Today Forever Copenhagen, DEN 27/05/2008 TL
NOFX Millencolin + Bad Religion + Flogging Molly + Lagwagon + Tiger Army + Comeback Kid + No Fun At All Gothenburg, SWE 26/06/2008 PP
Dying Fetus Trigger The Bloodshed + Burning Skies + Anterior London, UK 24/06/2008 EW
Cavalera Conspiracy The Dillinger Escape Plan + Throwdown + Bury Your Dead + Incite San Francisco, USA 31/07/2008 AP
Converge Integrity + Coliseum Copenhagen, DEN 02/08/2008 TL
Intohimo Inimical Copenhagen, DEN 07/08/2008 TL
The Psyke Project Vira Lyngby, DEN 05/09/2008 PP
Scars On Broadway The Revolt Of Darwin Copenhagen, DEN 06/09/2008 PP
Wrong Side Of Vegas None Copenhagen, DEN 12/09/2008 PP
Nile Grave + Belphegor + Omnium Gatherum London, UK 19/09/2008 EW
In Flames Gojira + Sonic Syndicate London, UK 01/10/2008 AP
Dragonforce Turisas London, UK 03/10/2008 AP
Elliot Minor The Hot Melts Southampton, UK 10/10/2008 AP
Bossk Humanfly + Latitudes + Me And Goliath London, UK 11/10/2008 EW
Gama Bomb Bonded By Blood + Sworn Amongst + Savage Messiah London, UK 14/10/2008 EW
August Burns Red Mudslide Copenhagen, DEN 19/10/2008 TL
Does It Offend You Yeah South Central + Lets Talk Tactics Portsmouth, UK 21/10/2008 NB
Bring Me The Horizon The Secret Handshake + Dead Swans + Deez Nuts Southampton, UK 31/10/2008 AP
3 Doors Down Omoreka Copenhagen, DEN 04/11/2008 PP
Unholy Alliance Chapter III Slayer + Trivium + Mastodon + Amon Amarth London, UK 30/10/2008 AP
Funeral For A Friend Cancer Bats + Siamese Fighting Fish Copenhagen, DEN 11/11/2008 TL
Dark Tranquillity Poisonblack Copenhagen, DEN 12/11/2008 PP
Less Than Jake Pepper + Beat Union + Imperial Leisure Southampton, UK 10/11/2008 AP
Slipknot Children Of Bodom Copenhagen, DEN 13/11/2008 PP
Flogging Molly Street Dogs + Skindred + Time Again Copenhagen, DEN 16/11/2008 TL
Alter Bridge Logan Copenhagen, DEN 17/11/2008 PP
Unholy Alliance Chapter III Slayer + Trivium + Mastodon + Amon Amarth Copenhagen, DEN 21/11/2008 PP


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