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author PP date 07/06/14 venue UnderWerket, Copenhagen, DEN

It's a Saturday show during Distortion, which is always risky business, but you'd still imagine supporters of emotionally charged punk rock to be present tonight, and if not them, then at least people listening to the heavier and more brooding genres considering both Moloken and Age Of Woe were added to the bill only a few weeks before the show. It's a bit of a weird mix with two melodic punk bands and two murky metal acts sharing the same stage, and given my busy schedule this same evening in the first place, I opt to take off once Moloken finish their set, since the original show had been about Caulfield Cult and Godard only anyway. But not without feeling guilty inside, given that the venue is practically empty with only a couple of people watching the bands play.


Godard play first tonight and impress straight away with their high-octane melodic punk that's spiced with a few slower, more drawn out passages that offer a more contemplative, emotionally charged, and post-rock oriented form of punk rock for variation. "All our music is free online", their vocalist says, to encourage the few of us here to go ahead and check their material online. They've only released a few EPs so far, so they're used to playing in front of only new people pretty much every day. Tonight, they don't let the lack of people bother them and play with energy and passion, with their bassist even taking a song off the mic to scream a capella style much like how Touché Amoré is known to do from time to time. They finish off with three older songs in the end before getting off the stage, a great introduction a band that plays spot on the sort of punk rock this scribe is into.


The Caulfield Cult

Back in 2011 The Caulfield Cult released what was in my opinion one of the best records within emotionally charged punk rock that year, channeling bands like Samiam, Pentimento, and many others through their scream-laden interpretation of the genre. It's extremely emotional and passionate throughout, and that's also very much on display tonight, despite low attendance at the venue. Recognizing this, the band thank everyone heartily for being present, because after all they are very, VERY far from home, that being Singapore, so having anyone come and watch them at all means the world to them. The vocals on the left side are a little low in the beginning, but the levels quickly normalize so we get a solid sound in the venue and a good showcase of what these Singaporeans can do normally. There should really be more people here, because both their albums are fantastic, and as such it feels almost like a private showcase more than anything else tonight for those present.


Initially I had expected to take off after The Caulfield Cult but decided to stick around for a bit to see what Moloken had to offer. The play a slow, drawn out, progressive form of metal that has its roots in the barren and dark landscapes of Northern Sweden in the wintertime. The light show is equally dark and fitting here, making it easy for the band to perform with small movement yet simultaneously to create an atmosphere at the venue. Some songs lean towards progressive hardcore and/or sludge metal, it seems, and the band are certainly way better than what I remember them being on their 2008 EP "We All Face The Dark Alone". The throaty roars of vocalist Bäckström fill the entire venue, whilst the remaining band members are slowly head banging along to passages that at times feel very doom inspired. All in all, the instrumentals and the roars put together decisively build a mood in the venue, which leaves a surprisingly solid impression behind in the end.

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