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author PP date 19/10/04 venue Mean Fiddler, London, UK

Seether used to be a band I listened to alot a year back or so. For those of you who have never heard of Seether: You have probably heard at least Broken featuring Amy Lee from Evanescence. And for those of you who have only heard this song: It's their only soft song and I mean it literally.

The gig was located at Mean Fiddler, right next to Astoria. It's probably the most known rock club in all of London. It is on two floors; top floor is completely roofed and the only way to see the stage is through the small windows where you can probably fit your upper body through. The bottom floor is one big moshpit - except that the middle of it is elevated by, say, 5cm in order to prevent those crazy people creating that circle of 'fighting' during the gig. It houses about 600 people at a sold out event like this one.


Probably around 200 of these 600 people in the gig were 15-18 year old teenage girls who had never heard any other song than "Broken" from Seether. I tell you, these girls had the surprise of their life once Seether came on: Not only were they the typical long-haired, big, bear-like hard rockers, but they also played up to their looks. The kickoff song was "Gasoline" and I can just imagine the thoughts of those teenage girls. "What the hell is this? Where are the 'normal' songs like Broken??? What is this distorted guitar and half-screaming?" Haha I couldn't laugh more as I saw these teenagers move aside from the front rows towards the sides!

Seether truly rocked the stage! They seemed to enjoy playing more than any other band I've seen live. They did the headbanging and jumping around on the stage so well compared to what you would have expected, and the crowd was in exstacy (besides those teenage girls of course). Once we got to "Fine Again", which is probably their most known song, the bear-vocalist just suddenly knocked the mic over and got the crowd singing - not the chorus as you normally get - but pretty much the whole second verse of the song. And god the crowd knew it all. Once the vocalist grabbed his mic to start the next chorus instead of doing the normal lyrics he just shouted "FUCK YEAH!" and continued the chorus.

I haven't had so much fun jumping around since the Reel Big Fish gig I saw a while back. One of the only things they said to the crowd was when they played a new song from their next album: "This song is from our next'll come out sometime in one years time probably..but if it wasn't up to the record company it'd be out tomorrow, fuck" providing an insight view on what kind of relationship they have with the record company.

Before the encore they did something no-one in the crowd had expected. They covered a song. And not just any song, but they covered a song by Nirvana, namely "You Know You're Right". It was amazingly well done, as well!

All I can say that Seether's gig was one of the best I've seen. Energetic, the proper mood, alot of jumping around, and of course great music to be enjoyed of. This band will be as big in Europe as it's in USA soon. Go get their albums "Disclaimer" and "Disclaimer II"!


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