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author PP date 08/12/13 venue Huset, Copenhagen, DEN

We've just held the Christmas Party the night before, which didn't finish until the early hours of the morning, so my attendance at the revivalist emo band Dads show at Huset is rather last-minute. Though I've always wanted to check out the duo live, no decision could be made before the state of next-day hangover would become clear. Fortunately we're able to sort out the show coverage only a few hours before actual showtime, but given the hectic night out before, which included all of our local photographers, it meant that no-one was available to come cover the show at such a short notice. Apologies therefore for the lack of photos in this article, but this is going to be a short one no matter what, so no graphics needed to break any walls of text or anything.

What Are You Like

As we arrive just on time for the 9pm concert start, the attendance at the intimate Huset is simply shocking. I do a literal count of everyone there, and I arrive at nine people in total. That figure includes me, my friend, four band members of What Are You Like, but not the bar staff, of course. I guess playing on the Sunday after a Julefrokost weekend does take its toll on people. Anyway, our friends at What Are You Like are about to get on stage to play more of their NOFX meets Blink 182 punk rock mish-mash songs, spliced with healthy doses of humour from vocalist Peter Espersen, as usual. Smoke surrounds the band for brief moments, but the whole thing just feels super awkward mostly because there are literally just three people standing in front of the stage watching. Peter fires some jokes off as usual, which helps a bit, but this felt more like a band rehearsal than an actual show tonight. They do the best they can, but against impossible odds aren't able to put up much of a show, and hence they mostly play their songs from start to finish with few breaks in between.



I'm fearing the worst for Dads, who are on the last day of their European tour, because that would really quite be a miserable finish for the tour to play in front of essentially nobody. The venue is still completely empty, but fortunately about 20 people storm in just before they start to make it feel like there are at least a few people there. Dads' music balances in between post-rock and original emo, with a few punker-than-thou passages in between, so their set is surprisingly vivid performance-wise, given how varied their songs are. One moment there's a lull in the form of a post-rock section, the next one there's an emotional croon and a bit of math rock guitars thrown in for good measure, and then we're met with some movement on stage from the band's guitarist. It's impressive how much noise these two lads can make with just a guitar and drums, yet the whole ordeal is over almost before it started. I count approximately 14 minutes and a few songs into their set before the band suddenly announces "Sorry for the short set, we're sick" before leaving and not returning to play more. Confused, people look at each other, but at least the band showed up, they could've always cancelled the gig. It's hard to rate a show higher though without having seen more.


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