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author LS date 08/12/13 venue Lille Vega, Copenhagen, DEN

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Here we are! After a tough week cursed by probably the worst weather Copenhagen has seen in decades, the time has finally come for the second storm: Heaven Shall Burn. The Saafeld-based german fellowship is coming to Copenhagen for the first time after more than a year for their “Veto MMXIII” tour, along with Dying Fetus and Bleed From Within. Actually, right before the concert begun Bleed From Within deserted, leaving the tough task of opening the gig to Dying Fetus alone. Here it goes what happened:

Dying Fetus

The death metallers from Maryland kicked off pretty abruptly, almost leaving us dazed and confused. Their style characterized by slam riffs, blast beats, complex riffing and heavy breakdowns is one of the most effective to warm up the audience before the headliners HSB take it to the field. They kick off their setlist with “From Womb To Waste”, their single from their latest issue “Reign Supreme”, an album which defined a comeback of the band to their old sound. The other songs chosen covered pretty much all their discography. We had songs off “Stop At Nothing” and “Descend into Depravity” but also from their earlier works such as “Destroy the opposition” and “Killing on Adrenaline”, records from which they have taken two songs for each. We cannot call this band a “chart climber”, not even remotely, given their ultra-brutal sound and pretty harsh themes towards contemporary society, but these guys have proven that with a proper attitude and good musical skills you can make a crowd groove like is nobody’s business. Shortly after they dismiss from us, an excited crowd starts feeling the adrenaline flowing down their veins, and they scream calling out for the main act, Heaven Shall Burn. They cannot take it anymore. Lille Vega demands them to come out.


  • From Womb to Waste
  • Your Treachery1 Will Die With You
  • One Shot, One Kill
  • Praise the Lord (Opium of the Masses)
  • Killing on Adrenaline
  • In the Trenches
  • Grotesque Impalment
  • Pissing in the Mainstream
  • Kill Your Mother, Rape Your Dog

Heaven Shall Burn

These Germans are certainly pros when it comes to arouse the masses, and this time was no exception. The most peculiar quality I’ve always found in HSB is their stage presence: Even though they hand out the most energetic and inspired shows in the contemporary metal scene, they still manage to have this aura of respectability around them, even when playing the heaviest possible tunes and no matter how sweaty the situation can get. Vocalist Marcus Bischoff and his band welcome the audience with their long time classic “Counterweight”, and right after we have “Land of the Upright Ones”, track two from their widely acclaimed latest release “Veto”. It’s unbelievable the impact this song has live. In my opionion, probably one of their best productions ever.

The mosh pit gets ignited over and over again under the blows of “Combat” and “Hunters Will Be Hunted”, first single from "Veto", which hits us all of a sudden after its atmospheric intro. The triptych “Behind a Wall of Silence”, “ The Weapon They Fear” and “Black Tears” (Edge of Sanity’s cover from Invictus which has earned a special place in every fan’s heart) makes Lille Vega jump and bounce with no rest. We start feeling our muscles and our necks aching, but these guys are not going to cut us any slack. With “Godiva”, another single from “Veto”, and “Trespassing the Shores of Your World”, we’re finally able to catch some breath. The band goes in the backstage for few minutes, then comes back angrier than ever. Just one word: “Endzeit”. As the audience hears the tunes of HSB’s most famous hit, hell is unleashed. I have seldom seen a crowd reacting so energetically to a single song.

Two more songs, one last break and the second ritual encore and the show fades out leaving us sweaty as Marcus Bischoff’s shirt, leaking like ice under the sunrays of a warm morning of august, but yet with a huge smile of satisfaction on our faces. We couldn’t have asked for more from the performance of the German metalcorers, definitely not bad at all for a bunch of middle agers. Thanks, guys. Looking forward to have you over again soon.



  • Counterweight
  • Land of the Upright Ones
  • Combat
  • Hunters Will Be Hunted
  • Behind a Wall of Silence
  • The Weapon They Fear
  • Black Tears (Edge of Sanity cover)
  • Godiva
  • Trespassing the Shores of Your World


  • Endzeit
  • Not My God (Hate Squad cover)

Encore 2

  • The Disease
  • Voice of the Voiceless

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