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author MH date 28/09/13 venue Beta, Copenhagen, DEN

I've had my concerns regarding the number of people attending tonight’s concert at Beta, because Children Of Bodom are visiting Amager Bio just next door. But fortunately my doubts are crushed to the ground, and there are a fair amount of people attending this evening in the name of progressive metal.

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Vulture Industries

Have you ever felt confused in such an enormous way that your only action left is to just smile and go with the flow? I have, right here during this amazingly bombastic concert that Vulture Industries are delivering this Saturday night. The fun madhouse factor is high, but what about the music you say? Their progressive metal is one of the more interesting of its kind and fits the crazy character of their live act. You can find gloom, madness and energy in their sound, which by the way is pretty hard to describe other than mentioning the surrealistic carnival feeling that is their nature. This bears great promise for a night pumped with alcohol and joy. I find myself forgetting where I am: At a carnival? The theatre? In another dimension or in one of my childhood nightmares? I am certainly not having the classic concert experience. Frontman Bjørnar Nilsen has a hazardous, breathy voice and sounds like he is ready to dry-hump the nearest, lets say - for the sake of soberness - stuffed animal with the shape of a moose. I am not sure whether he is drunk, high or just fantastically mad, one thing is clear though, he highly contributes to a show that etches its way into your brain forever to be held as a humouristic yet tiny bit terrifying memory.

Who needs moshpits, when you can have a parade? Mr. Nilsen steps down and starts stomping his way around the venue, followed by some enthusiastic souls from the audience who will then be followed around for a few more rounds by the rest of the band. I am confident giving this a sky high rating because I am leaving for a break before Leprous will take on stage with a huge smile on my face, and because this is not a concert I nor anyone else I assume will soon forget.


It's been around one and a half years since my first encounter with Leprous, back then I had no idea who they were but I was completely blown away by their live act at Day Of Decay 2012. But tonight everyone knows their name and everyone knows their songs. Dressed in matching classy outfits Leprous brought a fair amount of extra props on stage like the eminent light show, staged by extra light towers on each side of the stage, providing a fantastic ambience. There is also a wide screen on each side of the stage showing the music videos for "Restless" and "The Cloak" while played, as well as other movie clips for a little extra ambiance for the rest of the show. They probably have a little extra money in their pocket to raise the bar on stage appearance, and they've also matured a bit in their live performance - although it was quite fantastic the first time I saw them as well. Everything is well coordinated, professional and intense and there sure is no room to be bored by this concert. A small platform is placed at the front of the stage where guitarist Tor Oddmund Suhrke often will ascend during heavier parts of their songs to bounce and headbang. I can't even begin to praise Einar Solberg's voice enough, his incredible range and vocal power is astonishing. He switches between standing at his keyboard playing the distinct synths and singing and wandering freely on stage during non-keyboard parts. The band's progressive metal stretches pretty far around in different atmospheres and energy and leaves no possible emotion untouched.

As Leprous are leaving stage the whole crowd is cheering for more, and so we shall have more. They re-enter stage and deliver two extra songs, and yet I stand with the "is it already over"-feeling? Time flies fast when you're attending an utterly amazing concert. I can't tell if someone dropped a little happiness into my drink, or if I am right when I say that tonight is one of the rare times where each band deserves something near top grading. I am blown away and I'm already starting to count the days when I'll be able to see Leprous once again.


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