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author AZ date 29/03/13 venue Pumpehuset, Copenhagen, DEN

Arriving at Pumpehuset fashionably late, I find one of my favorite venues in Copenhagen to be almost empty. I count up to 30 people including the staff and sound engineers in the small hall on the first floor. Could it be that at six-pack deathcore/death metal combo going under the name “Bonecrusher Fest” simply won't take place tonight? Luckily for me and the other fans of extreme music the concert was held and, boy, it was a good one!

Photos courtesy of Julie Decome and Henrik Moberg

Make Them Suffer

Opening the night are the rising australian deathcore stars from Make Them Suffer. Visibly unpertubed by the lack of people to obey their merciless mosh-centric vibes, the band goes on stage and starts stomping right away. The nice sound facilitates for distinction between all instruments with the main focus falling on the bass drops and breakdowns. The pauses between those two are highlighted to the listener by melodic synth passages. As the crowd gets larger, people are able to witness one of the guitarists' will to captivate their attention by spinning his guitar and moving constantly on stage. Playing with a lot of energy and character, all group members display joy in what they do and make every second – of their otherwise short set – count.


As They Burn

After a short pause allows us to get beer, the ever-growing crowd is presented with the french metalheads As They Burn. Starting where Make Them Suffer left off, the band turns the level of musicianship up a notch. Building up on top the ever so popular power chords from low-tuned guitars, the quartet adds their own special mix of colorful guitar patterns. The excellent instrumental execution is the perfect base for what vocalist Kevin Trevor does best – scream his lungs out. Trevor also maintains great eye contact with the audience who obey his commands to clap or jump along. His stage performance stands out substantially as opposed to that of the other band members. The show has many twists and turns but the highlight moment is when the first three rows in front of the stage join the band to headbang so hard, that they create such a powerful energy it almost pulses visibly through the air.


As a person who already knows the capabilities of the french “high-tech” crazies from Gorod, I am really looking forward to see how they fit in with all the madness of “Bonecrusher Fest”. Luckily they seem to fit right in – or actually don't fit at all! The funky jazz moments and machine gun bass drum, synched tightly with the guitars and pig squeals, seize the energy generated by the bands prior to Gorod and leave the people in the audience with stupid smile on their faces. This, however, lasts exactly two songs. After that all the heads in Pumpehuset start to sway rapidly to the high voltage metal sounds. Flawless guitars, fluid bass and crafty drum fills seem to lead the band to the end of a marvelous show. Two songs before that very end, vocalist Julien seems to feel dizzy and suddenly sits on the stage in an attempt to keep the show going. The other musicians waste no time and give their fellow band member some breathing space by giving everything they got. Current touring bassist Cymon even walks through the crowd while playing and thus shows off his enviable skills on the bass. With a little pause for Julien's will to carry the show through to its end, Gorod finish off their set in style; opening the first pit of the night!

War From A Harlots Mouth

If you read everything up until now, you probably see how with the progress of time and the growth of the crowd the shows got better and better. War From A Harlots Mouth was the band that, to me, slowed this process down. There are several reasons for that. First of all the breakdowns that the band was so eager to bring down on the crowd didn't generate the desired effect. They just couldn't keep up with the crazy maniacal pace that Gorod had previously set. The other thing is that the band lacked the intensity of Make Them Suffer and the tight bond that As They Burn created. The result – a performance that didn't stay in my memory for longer than its actual duration.

Beneath The Massacre

If I could describe with one sentence what BTM's role in “Bonecrusher Fest” is, I would just say: “It is time to take out the big guns!”. Insanely fast – yes Nile fans, I'm talking to you – super heavy, highly technical... These are some of the few attributes of what the crowd at Pumpehuset was witnessing. I couldn't see anyone being able to flee the massacre that screeching, blazing, ultra-fast guitar shredding produced. We were all beneath it, gasping for more time to realize what the amazing speed offered us. No prisoners! Nothing! Cold blooded death metal with rare breakdowns interupting the more daring headbangers from trying the raging tempos on for size. The major con of this extra spicy death metal meal was its repetitiveness. Every song sooner or later managed to take the form of the one before it leaving no trace for distinction. But who cares anyway – it's death metal, right?

Job For A Cowboy

As the headliners finished their sound check and the lights were dimmed, the great anticipation that I was missing during the whole night suddenly filled the room. Looking at a lesser crowd in numbers than an hour ago, I see that the real Job For A Cowboy fans are still here. Their favorite band comes on stage with the sole purpose to bring chaos to Pumpehuset. Furious riffs, skank beats and, the death metal special; blast beats raining down like fire on the crowd. On top of this mayhem stood the towering figure of vocalist Jonny Davy. His fanatical facial expressions, accompanied with a constant index finger pointed towards the skies above, made me feel like he is the conductor of a grand musical masterpiece. And he was leading the way for his mates to bulldoze in a straight line through the stage. The audience welcomed that gladly, cheering to ever song that was presented, headbanging and throwing bodies in the pit.

Job For A Cowboy's set was the last for the night. A metal night with a temporal duration of approximately six hours and an emotional duration of days to come.


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