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author AP date 23/02/13 venue Beta, Copenhagen, DEN

For the 12th edition of our ALL KILLER, NO FILLER concept, we'd gone all-Danish with the line-up, featuring one established and one less known act in the domestic metal underground. Yours truly took care of the DJ duty, treating the attendees to all manner of melodic death metal, djent, tech-metal and metalcore, whilst profuse amounts of cheap beers were had. All in all, another great night under the banner. Scroll down for the reviews.

All photos by Henrik Moberg Jessen

The Fewd

The Fewd deliver a lesson in how to woo an audience from the get-go: guitarist Sune Jorn leads his compatriots - vocalist Jens Ullerup, bassist Tue Birkholm Segel and drummer Casper Wichmann - into the frey with an instantly memorable riff laden with low-end groove. It takes next to no time for Ullerup to then establish himself as the kind of lively, eccentric personality every band needs. His antics combined with the band's highly alternative form of metal immediately send my thoughts scurrying toward Dir En Grey and their singer Kyo, and cement The Fewd as a stone solid live act - this despite the fact that the next two songs never manage to become quite as impactful. The fourth track in this relatively short set, however, restores the order with excellent drumwork and soulful Western style solo bits piercing the elsewise heavy base of The Fewd's sound. Call it nu metal, alternative metal, or something else altogether, but one thing is for certain: The Fewd excel at differentiating themselves within the increasingly crowded Danish metal scene.

The Interbeing

There have been concerns for some time now - at least on my part - that The Interbeing cannot continue to impress in the live setting, riding solely on the back of their debut album, which was released two years ago. There is only so much variety that can be produced by mixing up the order of the songs on "Edge of the Obscure", and this seems to dampen things time and time again. It is impressive, on the other hand, that vocalist Dara Toibin can muster up a near-perfect vocal performance despite suffering from an illness in his throat; just as it impressive (as usual) how tightly and consistently this band delivers. Songs like "Shadow Drift", "Face Deletion" and "Fields of Grey" still represent the highest caste of Danish metal songwriting right now, and when delivered with such precision and enthusiasm in the live setting, it is difficult not to become consumed by the music.

Indeed, if there's one thing The Interbeing can attest to, it is that they never really disappoint. So while the early whoa-sensation that used to strike me at some of the band's earliest shows is long gone, their performance still remains one marked by high quality. The only thing missing really is the element of surprise - here condensed into Toibin featuring on third guitar during a short intro piece - that might be there had the band more material to pick from. But nonetheless, this is another show of force from one of the most consistent live acts in Denmark.

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