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author IM date 18/02/13 venue Electric Ballroom, London, UK

Mark Tremonti hasn't done badly for himself. A career you could hardly sniff at; pioneering the 11 times platinum album selling Creed, co – founding the much-loved Alter Bridge, performing on stage with Slash and Myles Kennedy and penning the hugely successful solo album, "All I Was." He's been there, done it and got the (Paul Reed Smith SE) guitar to prove it. Following his tuition by Michael Angelo Batio after Creed disbanded, Mark Tremonti has gone from strength to strength.

At London’s Electric Ballroom, the support acts; Logan and Heaven's Basement fitted the bill nicely, complimenting the post-grunge style of the headliner. Heaven's Basement played a surprisingly short set, getting their 15 minutes quite literally.

Tremonti were, in a word, incredible. They delivered every song from their release "All I Was" with a vigour and raw energy, which simply can't be rivalled. As a band, they are a lot heavier live than on their album, which works very well for their style.

Their opening "Leave It Alone" set the tone, warning the audience they were about to be wowed with the raw vocals and incredible guitars of Creed and Alter Bridge's founder member for the next hour and twenty minutes.

Each track was delivered with attitude and finesse of the most metal sense; making picking out the best renditions rather difficult. Notable highlights include the exhilarating performance of "Proof," and the popular title track "All I Was." The best performance of the night, however, was that of "Decay," delivered with ten times the energy of the album version.

Tremonti, at the Electric Ballroom, were polished and captivating. The album "All I Was" undoubtedly ranks with the best releases of 2012. With an excellent first studio release, Tremonti set high standards for themselves, which they certainly lived up to live.

Mark Tremonti certainly knows how to charm his fans, like his counterpart Myles Kennedy, he is one of the 'nice guys' of rock. Whether or not they have been to the same school of PR is a pertinent question, but Mark clearly does love his fans. For him, perhaps this was a welcome change from being up in the fame clouds of multi-platinum selling bands and back to a more intimate venue with his fans.

When asked if he had a message for Rockfreaks’ readers, he spoke with great enthusiasm about his love for the fans and when asked about the venue, he stated that London is one of his 'very favourite' cities to play in.

Tremonti as a band allow their eponymous founder to demonstrate his musical progression as being not only an amazing guitarist but allowing him to achieve recognition in his own right. While Tremonti as a band is all about Mark, perhaps a more apt recognition of this fact would have been to reflect his achievements by calling the album "All I Am."


  • 1. Leave it Alone
  • 2. Giving Up
  • 3. All I Was
  • 4. Proof
  • 5. So You're Afraid
  • 6. Doesn't Matter
  • 7. The Things I've Seen
  • 8. All That I've Got
  • 9. Wish You Well
  • 10. You Waste Your Time
  • 11. New Way Out
  • 12. Decay
  • --Encore--
  • 13. Gone
  • 14. Brains

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