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author PP date 13/11/12 venue KB18, Copenhagen, DEN

"It's unusually loud for a Tuesday evening" is what I caught a couple of bartenders talking about while Brudte Løfter were just about on the finishing songs of their set tonight at KB18 in support of the Canadian 'Neurosis meets pop punk' band Unfun. The idea was for me to catch also the supporting set, but unfortunately my earlier booking at a nearby Go Kart course was delayed by almost 45 minutes, which meant the band finished literally right after I bought my first beer at the bar after entering. Hence, no review of those guys. It also means no proper photos, because I was only equipped with my Samsung Galaxy S3, which isn't exactly ideal in dark, red-light conditions like KB18, and none of our regular photographers were available for the occasion. But the review is short, so it should not be an issue.


Only a short break and Unfun was ready to take the stage as a tired bunch who had been driving since 6am this morning, at least based on what I heard earlier. Not that they looked tired while performing, though, because all members appeared to be squeezing their last bits of energy out on stage. Their vocalist has a particularly coarse and harsh screamed style, which meant he was often glued to his microphone drenched in sweat while delivering his parts passionately. It takes a few songs to get into his raw style, which sounds strange at first considering the rest of the band is basically playing Midwestern punk and/or no-frills punk around him. It's a creative mix that has won the band quite a bit of acclaim both critically and by their small, but loyal fan base, and they display some of that tight flair tonight on stage as well. But just as quickly as the band stepped on stage, they were gone again, after just 25 minutes without an encore. "One more song!" is what the small crowd is shouting for, but the band simply admits they can't play anymore because they are out of songs. Whether that's true or not I can't say, but they're a young band with only a few EPs and splits underneath their belt thus far, so that can be forgiven.

They had good energy, and portrayed a different way of looking at your standard melodic punk rock with the screamed out vocals for a bunch of curious onlookers tonight. If only it had been slightly longer...

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