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author PP date 31/08/12 venue Loppen, Copenhagen, DEN

It's been a while since Stream City has played a show in Copenhagen, and what better occasion to re-enter the local scene than on the date of release of their acclaimed EP "Welcome Paramnesia" in a physical CD format. The disc had previously been available only as a stream/download online, so the band decided to mark the occasion by hosting a late summer outdoor pre-party with almost 20 cases of free beer (sponsored by Royal) and music (by at the Islands Brygge skate park near the water, before everyone would head to Loppen to witness the two bands in action.

As you can tell from the picture above, a ton of people showed up for the festivities. The band had set up a small stand and a banner on the grass lawns to hand out beer and where you could also purchase a physical copy of the CD, and a small (but just loud enough) portable speaker next to it for entertainment purposes. There was enough beer for all, so people left in happy moods in a collective group to walk the 20 minutes or so it takes to get to Loppen from that location.

Kill The Rooster

Kill The Rooster

Once everyone was in the venue, it didn't take too long for fellow punkers/alt rockers Kill The Rooster to enter the stage. They also had something to celebrate tonight: vocalist Carsten Hansen announces they've just about finished their debut album, and will therefore introduce it to the crowd by playing it from start to finish. And it's a very different-sounding Kill The Rooster we meet tonight, as the opening sounds to their set seem to have far more in common with nu-metal bands like System Of A Down than the Green Day-esque alt rock/pop punk that they've toyed with in the past. It's certainly the most aggressive and heaviest we've heard the band to date. Unfortunately my phone was stolen before I had the chance to type up this review, and it contained more specifics about their new album that I jotted down while watching the band rock out, so you'll have to make do with those brief references. Lets just say that I've never heard Kill The Rooster members scream before tonight. Most people aren't entirely sure what to think about it just yet, but that's only natural considering we haven't heard the songs in any format in the past.


Stream City in a monk costume

Stream City

What's the best way to celebrate an album launch? By successfully convincing far more people to come to your show than usual, then make them drunk enough to dance, and fire up your folksy/experimental punk tunes at usual speeds. Except you react to the crowd energy positively, tell people things like "it's really awesome that you're dancing!" and other words of encouragement, and then watch how the place turns into a dancing flurry. You then keep this up the whole night, and play your fast-paced violin sections, the punk rhythms, the vocals, and everything else even more tightly than before by fending off the energy and party-vibes of everyone in front of you. That's how you play what is likely the best show of your career to date, and that's precisely what Stream City pull off tonight at Loppen. Except they also enter the stage in all-black monk costumes to the amusement of everyone. I don't think I've ever seen as many people dancing, moshing, hopping around, moving, etc to a Danish punk band, where literally everyone at the venue buys into the band's progressive punk rock format and sings along where they can, otherwise just move along as much as possible.

Vocalist Dion keeps egging on the crowd throughout their set as the band go through a selection of songs from both their old EPs as well as a couple of new cuts as well, with what is for once a decent sound all-around at Loppen, so all cuts are delivered exactly as everyone expects them to. It's rare to get this kind of dynamic at Danish shows even for the medium-sized bands, so all props must go in the direction of Stream City for pulling off their release party in as successful manner as they've done tonight.

Photos by: Lykke Nielsen

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