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author KS date 13/02/06 venue Lille Vega, Copenhagen, DEN

Finally it was time to have Coheed & Cambria come over and play a concert in Denmark. Originally they were supposed to bring both Thrice and Circa Survive (and oh, what a tour that would've been) along but when Claudio broke his hand during Christmas the tour was postponed and instead the up-and-rising Norwegian post-hardcore act JR Ewing was given the support slot, which I can't say is enough to cover the missing hole left behind by Thrice and Circa Survive.

I had no idea what to expect from this 5 piece band since I had only heard a handful of their songs and they didn't really impress me. Straight from the beginning, the band put lots and lots of effort and energy into their set. Especially one of their guitarists along with the bass player were active on stage. The singer was all over the place and their energy lit up the crowd and caused moshpits all over Vega. The only negative thing about the band was that JR Ewing's singer sounded pretty bad and many of their vocal harmonies were quite out of tune. But in the end, it was a decent performance, and I think that their songs works a lot better live than on record. This might be one of the bands I have to see this Roskilde Festival, if it's not on top of anything more important and I'm not too drunk to be standing.


Before Coheed & Cambria entered the stage, one of the roadies doing soundcheck with the equipment took a little piss out of us, as he was wearing a Thrice t-shirt. Oh well. Damn you and your arm Claudio.

The usual intro finally started and Coheed & Cambria came on stage to face a massive roar from the crowd. Moshing started immediately when the intro of 'Welcome Home' could be heard from the speakers, but it seemed like people ran out of breath pretty quickly, as it was only really crazy for a few songs. The almost non-existent energy from the band on stage affected the crowd somewhat as well. Travis on guitar just stood still playing his parts during the whole show. I've later been told that he was sick, so that was kind of a shame. Claudio was also pretty static, but instead of jumping around doing crazy things his voice sounded really good and clear. The only really festive one was Mike on bass though Claudio did things like playing with his nose and behind his head.

They played a good variety of their songs but I personally missed "Delirium Trigger" from the setlist. Also the 15+ minute version of "The Final Cut" in the end was a bit too much. It made me leave with a sense of boredom instead of excitement. All in all the scene-show was quite dead but instead we had a damn-near perfect sound.


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