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author PP date 05/09/04 venue Roskilde Skatepark, Roskilde, DEN

I had hyped up this concert for a while now. After all it's Millencolin, one of the most successful skatepunk bands in Sweden and very popular in Europe. And not only Millencolin. We also saw some great skateboarders, BMX-bikers and FMX demo-sessions throughout the event. Thousands of people showed up to watch the grand opening of the new skatepark sponsored by Roskilde.

Dorothy Sanchez

Okay, into the bands. The support band, Dorothy Sanchez is actually from France. I had never heard of them before, and did not have a clue what their music would sound like. Then they entered the stage - 2 guitarists of which one was wearing a cowboy hat, a bassist, and finally a drummer. At least it was rock. And damn, I was amazed. If you've ever heard bands like Boy Hits Car, Brand New, and Boysetsfire - Dorothy Sanchez was a combination of these three, basically. And damn they rocked hard. They had incredible amounts of energy on stage, and their lead singer was jumping around screaming from the top of his lungs every now and then, and really making it a pleasure to watch them. If you have a chance to see Dorothy Sancehz live, GO FOR IT!



Then we had about 1 hour pause, during which we could watch the pro-skaters do a demo-session on the huge vert, with some commentatory from MTV's Up North crew. And finally, Millencolin entered the stage. They started out in the worst kind of way in my opinion - with their weakest song from their newest album 'Home From Home'. I don't understand why they didn't hit it with a song like No Cigar, or Shake Me or Move Your Car in the start. That would've lit up the crowd. There was nearly no moshing whatsoever. Their overall song selection makes me wonder if they just picked them asomething, because we are missing some obvious superhits like Da Strike, Coolidge, Killercrush, Yellow Dog and Shake Me. The crowd lit up only partly at songs like Material Boy, Mr. Clean and No Cigar.

Their live performance was far from entertaining. Ok, there aren't that many guitar solos in their songs or anything, but at least they could've shown more enthusiasm on the stage. They didn't jump around like crazy, or even shake their head on the rhythm of their music. They just stood there, walked around the stage and played their stuff. Nothing special, really. I was deeply disappointed. But, then again, their newest album is kind of shit compared to their old classics, so I shouldn't have expected more. Luckily, they played 3 new songs from their upcoming album and they all seemed pretty cool, directed towards the older Millencolin style with some ska-influence instead of the alternative-influenced Home From Home. Nowhere near the best concerts i've been in.



  • 1. Man Or Mouse
  • 2. Bullion
  • 3. New Song (unknown title)
  • 4. Black Eye
  • 5. Olympic
  • 6. Last Catch (new song)
  • 7. Penguins & Polarbears
  • 8. Material Boy
  • 9. Fox
  • 10. Duckpond
  • 11. Kemp
  • 12. New Song (unknown title)
  • 13. Botanic Mistress
  • 14. --unknown, didn't recognize it--
  • 15. Mr Clean
  • 16. No Cigar
  • 17. Pepper

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