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author AZ date 02/06/12 venue BETA, Copenhagen, DEN

Distortion managed to gather many fans of the electronic music on the wet streets of Copenhagen. Well on 02.06.12 distortion, guitar, bass, drums and screams rallied metal fans at BETA in order to have a night of intense hardcore. Under the flag of – going in books as ALL KILLER, NO FILLER #6 – Denmark's finest metalcore act Scarred By Beauty and UK's rising deathcore/metalcore The Dead Lay Waiting made a closing show to the their grand tour in style.

The Dead Lay Waiting

The night started off – at least to me – in a very different way. I must confess that I had never heard of The Dead Lay Waiting before and any previous relationship between the band and Rockfreaks was unknown to me. Having said that, the strangeness mentioned already, came from the fact that the opening act's audience consisted of people who's age was with an average of 15 max. Poser kids, teenage girls – it was like I was attending a concert of Avril Lavigne. With the crowd factor in mind, I was ready to perceive what TDLW was going offer me. The concert started 10 sharp and the band hit the stage with full force. The instrumental section was up to date with the latest electronic/pop/breakdown-ish sound that one can come up with. Measuring the tempo like a metronome, both guitarists and the bass player banged their head hard to the sounds comprising an never ending cycle of heavy down-tempo riffs and punk rock melodies. Vocalist Luke Lucas was constantly in the spotlight either by giving his buddies a breather by communication with the pumped up girls in the front of stage or by screaming his lungs out with a gas mask strapped on to his waist. Interaction with the audience wasn't missing – making people sing along, “do mosh”, “do circlepit”, … - in short the performance was quite good!

The few drawbacks, however, that I managed to hear/see made the grade to my first encounter of The Dead Lay Waiting look the way you see it below. First off – the music! It's just not good. It's so cliched. Second – singing! It is done by people that can do it and not by audio software only on records. And the last thing was …. imitating singing. While the bassist was trying, Luke decided to open his mouth and not produce any sounds. Not even a gurgle. Looked fail, sounded … it didn't sound at all.


Scarred By Beauty

Taking a short break with a couple of Jäger shots and beers in between bands the Rockfreaks team was ready for the main event. And soon Denmark's uncrowned kings of metalcore took the stage by storm with the intention to not let go until the last song of their setlist.

The first thing that caught my eye is the comfort that SBB had while performing. Of course, they're home after traveling the world. They know the stage inch by inch and half of the people in the crowd. Nevertheless everything they did seemed so effortless! Full of energy, lead by vocalist Jonathan and his huge wolf head chest tattoo, the band was all over and in front of the stage. Thus the contact between band and audience was constant. Moshing, stage diving, jumping – done as it should be. Unlike TDLW, Jonathan needed to make one single gesture to make the pit full. He also decided to provide the most anxious fans in front of the stage with some refreshments – Red Bull for every kid that laid his hands on the passing cardboard box.

Obviously the constant touring has rubbed off on the band as it sounds tight as a machine. Providing a solid background to this metalcore celebration, Daniel, Dennis, Asser and Chris were in the zone banging and jumping tirelessly. Bassist Chris decided to join in with the mosh for a while counting on his wireless set to hold up on the crowd's intensity. Luckily it did and when he came back on stage he thought that the people around him knew SBB's songs well enough so he gave them his bass for a while.

Full of positive emotions and quality music Scared By Beauty closed the show and their tour under the audience's applause. And while Copenhagen was spinning on a DJ plate, somewhere in the heart of the capital there was a place delivering hard music from a fan's point of view.


Photos by: Tim Nederveen

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