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author PP date 04/07/04 venue Arena, Roskilde Festival, DEN

I was really looking forward to this concert. I love muse's newest album "Absolution". It's original, it sounds different from the other bands and it's definitely creative plus the amount of talent is like too much water in a full glass: it's coming over the edges!


They started out by playing "Hysteria". An excellent choice for the first song. As the guitar started playing I already got extremely excited. I was about 4 metres from the stage in the front pit.They played at the arena stage, which meant that it was fully packed around 10-15 thousand people watching them. And this song really exploded the crowd. An awesome solo in the middle of the song, and in general the guitars just plainly rock in this song. The singing in the chorus, and overall, is just great! A perfect way to open the concert up!

Next they played two or three slow songs where their guitarist played the keyboard instead of the guitar. I didn't fancy these two songs as much as "Hysteria". But the fourth song was perhaps the second or third best song of all the concert: "Sing for Absolution". Okay, it's a slow song and does not include a guitar, but oh my god it's one of Muses best songs ever. I have never heard such talent before in my life, and specially the chorus made the whole ten thousand people crowd sing: "sing for absoooluuuuuution". And that was an awesome feeling. I was all excited about the concert again.

Next five or six songs were really slow songs. They weren't bad, but I started to have a little feeling of disappointment. I had expected so much from this concert and I was getting a little bit bored. Most of these slow songs, even though they're excellent, didn't really hit me in the same way as "Sing For Absolution". Just when I was about to tell my friend next to me that damn, I'm really disappointed about this concert, Muse decided to explode the crowd. They played their first really 'strong' song: "Bliss". Everyone just started moshing in the pit and jumping around like crazy. Because this is Muse's best song according to many. Straight after they played "Time Is Running Out", a song just as strong as bliss. And what an effect these two songs had on the crowd. Suddenly the crowd changed from a quite silent, non moving crowd into one of the most active, one of the loudest crowds i've been to. These songs literally exploded the crowd.

The rest of the songs were just as perfect as these two, alot of hard and strong songs. The band didn't really talk much to the crowd, but unlike in Incubus concert I saw, their songs spoke much more to the crowd that their lead singer could've said in 5 minutes.

The absolutely best part of the concert must have been when their bassist jumped off the stage, got into the front-right pit in the middle of the crowd and played a bass solo while surrounded by crazy fans. That was awesome! In general, the band was very active on the stage. Alot of jumping and movement, specially during the heavily guitar-influenced songs where the guitarist was really getting it on on the stage. If you have a chance to see muse, go see them. An awesome liveshow with exceptional light effects, something you don't wanna miss!



  • 1. Hysteria
  • 2. New Born
  • 3. Sing For Absolution
  • 4. Citizen Erased
  • 5. Interlude + Sunburn
  • 6. Ruled by Secrecy
  • 7. Apocalypse Please
  • 8. Muscle Museum
  • 9. Butterflies & Hurricanes
  • 10. Bliss
  • 11. Time Is Running Out
  • 12. Plug In Baby
  • -- Encore --
  • 13. Blackout
  • 14. Stockholm Syndrome

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