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author MS date 16/10/05 venue Pumpehuset, Copenhagen, DEN arrived at Pumpehuset in Copenhagen about 20:50. The gig was scheduled to start at 21:00, but at that time, the first support band Engel were just finnishing their set, since apparently the time had been changed to 20:30. Very poor management from Pumpehuset, since on the tickets it obviously said 21:00, and as far as I'm concerned it had not been announced anywhere other than perhaps their own website, and in their own lounge. Engel were added to the show only a few weeks ago, after Swedish Metal Giants Dark Tranquillity had cancelled the show.


Trivium started their show a little later, and this was the second time they performed in Denmark. The previous time was the co-headlining Roadrage 2005 show with Still Remains and 3 Inches Of Blood in Lille Vega earlier this year. At that show the sound quality was not the best you could expect, but other than that the show was quite good. This time the sound was top notch, and all the amazing guitar solos were easily seperable from the pounding bass and drums. Unfortunately the setlist was not as pleasing as in Lille Vega, but that's understandable since this was a support gig. Lead vocalist Matt Heafy was constantly commanding the crowd to form mosh pits and circle pits, and to jump up and down. As he said; "Noone is too great to jump at a fucking metal show!". And how right he was. They mostly played the stuff from their latest album "Ascendancy"; songs like "Like Light To The Flies", "Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr", "Drowned And Torn Asunder" and the title track "Ascendancy". The thing I missed mostly from their last show was the covers of Metallica's "Master of Puppets" and Iron Maiden's "The Trooper", or the likes of them, as they really crowned the show in Lille Vega. They finished the show, like last time, with the intro riff of "Ride The Lightning", which really is an awesome detail. Before they went off the stage, they announced that they will be back in March next year, so don't miss it!


Arch Enemy

Arch Enemy started their set around 22:00, with an intrumental piece played over the speakers, followed by the entry of the band. These swedish metal legends are quite astonishing to look at, as the bassist is probably the biggest man in the world, and has more hair and a bigger beard than Hagrid from the Harry Potter movies. Other than that, the lead singer is a woman named Angela Gossow, and she growls deeper than a lot of male Death Metal vocalists. She is quite ruthless to listen to, and she is a blonde! Imagine that, a blonde goth chick. Amazing. Arch Enemy's ranks have recently been joined by a new guitarist, who's skill level seemed alot above original guitarist and founder Michael Ammot. This guy really pulled off some amazing stuff, and together they pulled off some of the greatest guitar work I have heard live in a long time. The guitars were flawless during this show, and they are really what make the band what they are. Melodic Death Metal and Gothenburg Metal at its best.

Unfortunately, the crowd seemed a bit worn out from Trivium, since they were nowhere near as active now. But then again, Angela didn't address the crowd as much as Matt Heafy had done. During the first half of the show, it didn't really seem like people were enjoying themselves. They played a lot of songs from "Wages Of Sin", like "Burning Angel", "Heart of Darkness", "Ravenous" and "Snow Bound". This album is probably their widest known album, but it has been under heavy criticism due to Angela Gossow participating for the first time, and it's obvious that the hardcore fanbase has a hard time accepting a change so huge as the replacing of a male vocalist with a female. All in all the show was great, although the crowd was a bit weak. The music is what matters most, and this kicked ass from start to finish. Great job by Arch Enemy.


-Mikkel Schläger

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