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author tox date 13/10/05 venue Tobakken, Esbjerg, DEN

Actually, only one concert was announced at first. But the demand for seeing D-A-D in Esbjerg was phenomenal, so the promoters announced another one. Soon, it sold out too, and yet another one was announced - which was the one I attended. Just like the previous ones, sold out too. Even though D-A-D has existed for so long, the crowd seemed the know the newest songs best. There were people from the ages of 10-50, which shows that D-A-D is something everybody can relate to.


Unfortunately, Tobakken isn't a very big venue, so Disneyland After Dark wasn't able to use their famous pyrotechnics during their show. But it did not really matter, because what we were about to witness this evening was absolutely amazing. For those of you who don't have any knowledge about D-A-D, let me make a short and simple description: They're oldschool hard rock, and one of the biggest rockbands in Denmark for over 20 years. The opening song was "Lawrence of Suburbia", which also is the opener on the newest record "Scare Yourself". I am not a big fan of that song, but it obviously got people in a mood for some more. For a band like D-A-D, with more than 10 albums, it is difficult to find the perfect setlist. They are forced to play some of their new stuff, though it was played with an incredible amount of enthusiasm and joy. However, they did choose a few wrong songs in my opinion, but then again, it must be impossible to find a pleasing setlist for everyone. The next 10 songs were perfect, though, as they played a mixture of some ballads, and D-A-D's usual hardrock. They also played my personal favorite: "Riding With Sue". It's a very old song from the early days of D-A-D, which is a tragi-comic song, where the bass-player Stig sings.

Jesper Binzer(the vocalist) said that since they were going to play 3 concerts in Esbjerg, they had to bring something special with them. And they certainly did. Laust "Elton" Sonne (the drummer) was suddenly sitting at a piano, and the crowd's reaction can be summed up to a: "what the fuck?". Jesper was singing and Laust playing piano. It was bound to be a ballad. And yes, it was a modified version of the 1997 song "Hate To Say I Told You So", which I really liked better that way, than the original. "Everything Glows", "Sleeping My Day Away" and "Bad Craziness" came in a row after that, which are the three biggest D-A-D-hits. I saw D-A-D last summer, and that really sucked. This evening, they played with so much enthusiasm that you wouldn't believe your own eyes. At no point they seemed to be tired, which would be understandable, since they have crossed the age of 40, and their music really needs a lot of energy. The finished the show playing "It's After Dark" which is the songs everybody connects with D-A-D, and the lyrics work quite okay as the final song of the show: "It's after dark now, and disneyland is closed. The party is over, the night is here - let's bring out a toast!"


Written by: Per Hansen

  • 1. Lawrence of Suburbia
  • 2. A Good Day(To Give It Up)
  • 3. Isn't That Wild
  • 4. Point of View
  • 5. Scare Yourself
  • 6. Soft Dogs
  • 7. Home Alone
  • 8. Something Good
  • 9. Alright
  • 10. Makin' Fun Of Money
  • 11. Jihad
  • 12. Riding With Sue
  • 13. Hate To Say I Told You So
  • 14. Hey Now
  • 15. Everything Glows
  • 16. Sleeping My Day Away
  • 17. Bad Craziness
  • 18. Unexplained
  • 19. Camping In Scandinavia
  • -- Encore --
  • 20. Evil Twin
  • 21. Overmuch
  • 22. It's After Dark

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