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author PH date 29/07/05 venue Bork Havn Musik Festival, Ringkøbing, DEN

BorkHavnMusikFestival has really evolved troughout the last couple of years. It's no longer just a festival for the Irish Folk Music fans. The younger crowd, including me, had something worth looking forward to, namely the headlining act Kashmir.

The tent was not that big, so people were standing pretty tight in front(too tight in my opinion). After the show, everyone's clothing was all wet of sweat, because the temperature in the tent rose to about 40 degrees during the show.


Kashmir entered the stage with their usual opener "Surfing The Warm Industry", which surprised nobody. It works perfectly, since it's known by nearly every rockfan in Denmark, since it was their first single off "Zitilites", but it's not one of their best songs at all. But you could feel that this crowd would go crazy, no matter what opener they had chosen. Kashmir is probably the most popular Danish rockband at the moment, but they did'nt live up my expectations this evening. Maybe they were too high, i don't know.

They followed "Surfing.." up, by playing 3 songs from Zitilites - very soft, but awesome songs: "Melpomene", "Rocket Brothers" and "Petite Machine". Three classics from "The Good Life" were up next: "Make It Grand, "Kiss Me Goodbye" and "Miss You" - these 15 minutes were probably the highlight of the concert. They failed to play their biggest hit ever: "Mom In Love, Daddy In Space" - Some people were definitely disappointed by that. After that, they played another 4 songs from "Zitilites", and some new, yet unreleased songs.

The new songs are very promising. I won't hesitate to buy their new album, which is about to be released soon. "Jewel Drop" "Cellophane" and "She's Made of Chalk" all worked to perfection. And a lot, including me, even knew the lyrics, so that made it even better.

Well. Kashmir managed to please almost everyone in the audience, by playing both soft and a bit hardrock songs. But something was missing. I haven't written anything about any songs from "Travelogue" or "Cruzential" have I? No... They chose to forget all about their amazing debut "Travelogue", and their second album "Cruzential", this evening. Why? I don't know. I'm not familiar with any other band out there, who ignores their two first albums. They simply have to play at least one song from these two albums, even though they have changed their style a lot since then. The crowd would have had a way better experience if they had played at least one "old" song. They normally play "Bring Back Superman" from "Cruzential", but they chose not to... I cannot rate them higher, because i was a bit disappointed, when I know that they could have done it at least 10% better.


(Picture by Lars Klinggaard)


  • 1. Surfing The Warm Industry
  • 2. Melpomene
  • 3. Rocket Brothers
  • 4. Petite Machine
  • 5. Make It Grand
  • 6. Kiss Me Goodbye
  • 7. Jewel Drop(New Song)
  • 8. Miss You
  • 9. The Aftermath
  • 10. Big Fresh
  • 11. Small Poem of Old Friend
  • 12. She's Made Of Chalk(New Song)
  • 13. Cellophane(New Song)
  • 14. Ramparts

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