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author MS date 29/04/05 venue The Rock, Copenhagen, DEN

Friday the 19th of April, Finnish Lordi played The Rock in Copenhagen, as part of their "European Monstour 2005". Lordi are a Heavy Metal band that like to play dress-up as monsters. Lordi, by the way, is the name of the lead singer. Their lyrics are horror stories. Might sound cheesy, but if you take it with a grain of salt, it's really cool, and funny none the least. Their scene-show is really awesome. All the band members wear incredible monster costumes. The guitarist only known as "Amen" is dressed up as a mummie, or as described on their website; "The Ruler of the Anubis Dynasty". The bassist "Kalma" is apparently a "Biker Zombie from Hell". Drummer "Kita" is some sort of Orc or Alien or something, and Keyboard player "Enary", who by the way is female (I think), is "Mistress of Pain", whatever that means. Last but not least, Lordi himself is dressed up as some sort of big... Monster dude, with horns sticking out of his forehead, weilding an axe which conveniently enough has a microphone attached to it, and wearing oversized rubber hands that constantly form the shape of the devil horns that we all know so well. Two thumbs up for the costumes, they were incredibly well done.

The doors opened at 19:30, but we were a bit late because some idiot forgot the tickets at home (no names :(). This meant we missed the support act, but shit happens. When we arrived at The Rock at about 22, the place was filled with gothy people and I even saw a grandma or two. We played a little Foosball on an - I might say - ridiculously crooked Foosball table in the dark before the act started. I might add that I lost repeatedly.


When the curtains dropped, the set was neatly decorated with what looked like a haunted village, and the intro of Lordi's latest and second studio album "The Monsterican Dream"; "Threatical Trailer", was played over the speakers. The band members were introduced one at a time, whereafter they began playing "Bring It On". Great opener with a great main riff and a catchy chorus. During the show, alot of small acts were performed. They had this priest or cultist guy, who sometimes ran on stage and sacrificed a baby or made something burst into flames. Actually it was just a bright stagelight, because they weren't allowed to use any pyrotechnics because of the small venue. A pity, because I think it would have been great. They really deserve a bigger venue, and as Mr. Lordi has stated in an interview: "Even without pyros we're gonna burn the crowd alive!".

The setlist was great, starting with heavy tracks like "Bring It On" and "Rock The Hell Outta You", followed by the groovy upcoming single "Blood Red Sandman". The crowd was really alive, and when Lordi screamed out stuff like "I can't hear you Copenhagen", they didn't hesitate to tear up their vocal organs. Great atmosphere, but then again it WAS a haunted town. At one point, Lordi broke out the spinning saw which he waved all over the place, and at another point he came in wearing something different, which turned out to be giant demon wings, which he spread out during the chorus of the current song. He had a wingspan of at least 3 metres!

They finnished off before the encore with the second single off their debut album "Get Heavy", entitled "Devil Is A Loser" which is an awesome track. For the encore, the metallic robotic sounds of the intro of "Biomechanic Man" emerged from the speakers, and Lordi entered the stage with all sorts of flashy gadgets attached to his costume. Very effectful. They finished off the show with their very first single "Would You Love A Monsterman?", which the crowd really hit it off to, moshing and singing along. All in all, great show from Lordi.



  • Threatical Trailer
  • Bring It On
  • Rock The Hell Outta You
  • Blood Red Sandman
  • The Children Of The Night
  • Wake The Snake
  • Pet The Destroyer
  • Get Heavy
  • My Heaven Is Your Hell
  • Forsaken Fashion Dolls
  • Devil Is A Loser


  • Biomechanic Man
  • Would You Love A Monsterman?

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